Leaving High School To Become A YG Trainee, Rosé Now Has The Life Many People Dream Of

The academic level of BLACKPINK’s Rosé has recently once again sparked debate among online users. The fact that Rosé did not complete high school is often used by anti-fans to disparage her and assert that she is unworthy of being a hero and role model for young fans. However, fans and internet users believe Rosé made the correct choice to quit school and pursue her ambition after seeing the amazing life and job she is now leading.

Because Rosé’s father knew how much his daughter loved singing, he urged her to sign up for the audition in 2012 when YG was looking for trainees in Sydney. At the time, Rosé was just 16 years old. Later, Rosé struggled to decide whether to go to Korea to work as a trainee or to continue her education in Australia. She had never thought about it before, and when she decided to stop attending school, everyone was obviously sҺσcked.

Rosé described the experience of having to make a tough choice in a previous interview with Vogue Australia. “I chose to drop out of school and all my professors and friends were like: ‘What? What makes you leave? Nobody understood where I was headed since they were unfamiliar with K-pop. It was frightening. I did fairly well in school. I never imagined that I would leave school.

“When I sing, everything makes sense. Just like everyone else, I’m a regular person. Therefore, only believe in what you enjoy if others think you are unworthy or incapable of overcoming the obstacles preventing you from realizing your ambitions.

Rosé’s inability to complete high school is unfortunate in the eyes of many online users. However, there are other internet users that support and respect Rosé’s brave choice to quit school and pursue her goal. As a result, Rosé is living a fulfilling life as an internationally renowned artist and public personality.

Several internet users’ comments:

– Not everyone is as eager to drop out of school as Rosé was to pursue her goals. She is really courageous.

– Her present achievement justifies the sacrifice.

What’s wrong with the fact that she dropped out of high school yet had a definite professional path?

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– If I could drop out of school right now and live like Rosé, I would.

Rosé, who was 8 years old when she migrated to Australia, was born in New Zealand. She studied at Melbourne’s Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College. Rosé was admitted to YG in 2012. She arrived in Korea by herself and started her life as a trainee with aspiration to become a K-pop idol.

Rosé swiftly rose to international prominence as a member of BLACKPINK, a well-known girl group, after her formal debut in 2016. Despite the fact that BLACKPINK hasn’t returned often in the last five years, each song they’ve released has been a huge success, including Boombayah, Playing With Fire, As If It’s Your Last, and DDU-DU. Kill This Love, DDU-DU, How You Like That, etc.

When Rosé went solo in 2021, her first single album, -R-, was a huge hit. She has shown her influence on fashion as well. She presently serves as the worldwide ambassador for the high-end companies Tiffany & Co. and Saint Laurent. She often sat in the front row of major fashion events and went to the Met Gala, the world’s biggest fashion gathering.

At the age of 25, Rosé is one of the wealthiest K-pop stars. She is sought after wherever she goes, usually turning up in pricey attire, posing for pictures in the most opulent settings, and hanging out with well-known individuals from all over the globe. She really is living a wonderful life.