LeBron James discusses his decision to stay in the game and dedicates his season to his kid Bronny

Superstar LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers seems content during the team’s Monday media day. The four-time champion gave an explanation for his decision to play on and dedicate the 2017 NBA season to his son Bronny during the offseason.

James, 38, is back to his best game as he begins his 21st season in the league. The Lakers star’s perspective changed after suffering a heart collapse during USC practice earlier in the summer.

“Due to the incident that transpired this summer, I’m dedicating this season to Bronny,” James declared. “Your family is the only thing that matters. It’s been quite a ride to witness what he’s had to endure over the past few months. Since it’s been a lot for our family and me, I can only image how it has been for him.”

Lakers supporters were excited to see James return to the court since he promised to dedicate the next season to Bronny.

Given that the Lakers were defeated by the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference finals the previous season, James, who is over 40 years old, might just have an extra gear.

James also discussed his decision to rejoin the NBA after thinking about quitting after the Denver loss.

“I had a talk with my family and I talked with myself, and my kids inspired me,” James remarked. Spending time on the AAU circuit alongside Bryce and observing his ongoing development as a player. I’m really happy of Bronny for being able to attend USC, experience his life before and after the catastrophe, and draw inspiration from that. I believe I still have more to give.

I didn’t at that particular moment (after the Western Conference finals). My remarks were a reflection of how I was feeling at the time, but I’m glad to be back for another season and hopefully take this squad to the promised land. I was mentally in too many places.

James added that leading Bryce’s squad under Rajon Rondo’s tutelage throughout the summer helped him realize that he still needs to play for the pure joy of the game.