LeBron James will become the second sports figure

In 2023, LeBron James will become the second sports figure in history to reach $1 billion in wealth, joining golf legend Tiger Woods.

Among the 12 sports billionaires of 2023, LeBron James has joined the ranks of golf legend Tiger Woods in creating history.

Forbes, a prestigious economics magazine, reports that 12 new billionaires have emerged in the sports industry over the past year.L.B.J., who is still an NBA superstar who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, is prominent here.

According to Forbes, the “king” of the NBA has a net worth of more than $1 billion, placing him in the 11th position among the 12 sports billionaires of the year.LeBron will finally find his groove in the NBA during the 2022–23 season. the equivalent of almost US$125 million in salary, investment, and endorsement fees.

Toto Wolff, the team’s skipper and a major shareholder in Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1, is second only to LeBron James among the team’s investors.Tiger Woods, another golfing legend, is valued at $1.1 billion, putting him just above the Lakers’ superstar.

The two wealthiest people on this list are Larry Tanenbaum ($2 billion) and Robert Johnson ($3.4 billion), who owns the New York Jets and the New York Rugby Football Union, respectively.

Billions of dollars and tigers’ woods have a place in history.

Despite becoming “only” 11th out of 12 sports billionaires in 2023, both LeBron James and Tiger Woods will go down in history books.There is no shortage of wealthy people in the sports industry, but LeBron James and Tiger Woods are the only household names. is still in play and valued at over $1 billion.

The NBA is still dominated by LeBron James, who averages 28.8 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game, even though Tiger Woods is about to enter the 25th Masters, a slo-mo tournament that he has won five times.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ all-star earns the most of his money via endorsement deals with companies like Nike, AT&T, Pepsi, etc. …and SpringHill Entertainment, Blaze Pizza, Tonal, Fenway Sports Group, or Investment Shares.

LeBron James has already stated his desire to one day own an NBA franchise after his playing days are through.If this pans out, the “king” will have even greater financial security in the years to come.

Forbes’ 2023 list of the world’s 12 sports billionaires:

Robert “Woody” Johnson (USA) ranks first on the list with a net worth of $3.4 billion.

Second, Larry Tanenbaum of Canada has a net worth of $2 billion.

Thirdly, American David Blitzer ($1.9 billion net worth)

Net worth of number four, American Mark Davis ($1.9 billion)

Nеt wоrth: $1.7 billion dollars 5. Amy Adams Stunk (USA)

Net worth: $1.6 billion #6 Ira G. Grusbeck (USA)

Net worth: $1.3 billion each: Hal Steinbrenner, Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal, and Jessica Steinbrenner (USA).

Net worth of Tiger Woods (USA) at $1.1 billion

Eleventh: LeBron James (USA) – Net worth: $1 billion

Net worth: $1 billion 12 Tоtо Wоlff (Austria)

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