Leeds president: ‘Barca not paying is a big deal’

Entrepreneur Andrea Radrizzani said he had to wait until September 2 to find out if Barcelona could afford to pay the transfer amount in the Raphinha case.

When asked by  The Athletic  if Leeds United were worried about not receiving the transfer money from Barca in the Raphinha case, Radrizzani revealed: “It’s ridiculous (if Barca don’t pay – PV), I can’t imagine it. Something like that happened.”

The owner of Leeds affirmed: “I will answer your questions (about Barca paying – PV) on September 2. If they can’t do that, we will have a problem, there will be a problem. trouble with the global scale about Barcelona”.

In July, Barcelona announced the completion of the transfer of Raphinha from Leeds. The Camp Nou team is said to pay 58 million euros in transfer fees, which could go up to 67 million euros if the extra terms are finalized.


Businessman Andrea Radrizzani said he did not understand Barca how to make enough money to pay Leeds United in the Raphinha case. Photo: The Athletic.

Radrizzani confirmed in the contract between Leeds and Barca that there is a penalty clause if the La Liga representative pays late. He also did not know where Barca made money to pay in the Raphinha case. “I don’t know where Barca will find the money, it’s still not clear,” the Leeds chairman revealed. “The truth is we nodded to Chelsea. They made the best offer, but then the player wanted to go to Barca.”

The owner of Leeds admits the club is almost finished selling Raphinha to Chelsea. He felt a little embarrassed when he had to inform Todd Boehly (Chelsea President) about withdrawing the deal.

“Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Barcelona all made offers,” Radrizzani said. “For me, Raphinha’s sale to Chelsea is done. But Barca stepped in and changed everything. They convinced the players to wait.”

Raphinha is one of the most dramatic deals in the summer transfer window of 2022. Arsenal was the first team to approach the Brazilian player, then Chelsea stepped in and received a nod from Leeds United. However, the arrival of Barca changed all that.

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