Leo may have finally found ‘The One’ for his life

All About Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rumored Love Interest Vittoria Ceretti

Over the past month, there have been sightings of Leonardo DiCaprio in the company of Italian model Vittoria Ceretti, which has sparked speculation about their potential relationship. This comes after rumors circulated for the past year about DiCaprio’s involvement with model Gigi Hadid. The rumors surrounding Ceretti gained momentum earlier this summer when she was photographed on a yacht alongside DiCaprio, as well as fellow models Meghan Roche and Imaan Hammam. As a 25-year-old fashionista, Ceretti’s romantic involvement with DiCaprio has become a topic of interest. Here’s a summary of what we know about their relationship thus far.

Who is Vittoria Ceretti?


With an impressive social media presence, Vittoria Ceretti has amassed a considerable following of 1.5 million fans on Instagram. In her personal life, the model was previously married to Italian DJ Matteo Milleri, and their wedding took place in 2020. However, it is believed that Ceretti and her husband have since separated. Interestingly, she shares a friendship with Gigi Hadid and has even appeared alongside her on the cover of Vogue magazine. Their connection highlights the intertwining relationships within the fashion industry.

How long have Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti been together?

The alleged couple’s paths reportedly crossed during the premiere of “Killers of the Flower Moon” at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023. Speculation about their romantic involvement began when they were spotted on an ice cream outing in Los Angeles, as reported by Page Six. An eyewitness who observed them noted a palpable “vibe” and energetic connection in the way they interacted and conversed.

On September 6, they were seen dancing together in Ibiza, Spain. According to a source, DiCaprio affectionately refers to Ceretti as his girlfriend. “Vittoria is a stunning young woman, although Leonardo is naturally surrounded by many beautiful women most of the time,” an insider shared with The Daily Mail. “However, he adores her, and she feels the same way. They have spent a significant amount of time together this summer, embarking on romantic trips and creating cherished memories.”

The insider further revealed, “This has sparked considerable speculation among Leo’s social circle that he may be ready to leave behind his playboy reputation. While he has been photographed and seen partying with numerous women, his connection with Vittoria is much more significant and serious.

DiCaprio has introduced Ceretti to his mom.

In photos shared by Page Six, the couple were seen in Milan leaving the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Museum on September 24 with his mom, Irmelin Indenbirken, indicating things may be getting more serious.

They spent Halloween together.

On Saturday, October, 28, the couple were photographed getting frisky at a Halloween party in Los Angeles, according to pictures published by the Daily Mail.

In November, they were reportedly “exclusive.”

According to an insider speaking to US Weekly in early November, it appears that the renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio is utterly captivated by Vittoria Ceretti. The source revealed that their relationship has progressed so well that DiCaprio has chosen to be exclusive with Ceretti, a departure from his usual dating patterns. The insider emphasized that Ceretti occupies DiCaprio’s thoughts and attention completely.

Regarding the cozy pictures taken during Halloween weekend, the insider mentioned that such displays of affection are not something DiCaprio engages in frequently. They noted that he considers Ceretti not only stunning but also remarkably down-to-earth, and they share many common interests. The insider further added that Ceretti is unbothered by DiCaprio’s fame and even playfully teases their dynamic as “the model and the movie star,” which DiCaprio finds refreshing.

Despite the significant 20-year age difference between them, it appears to be a non-issue for DiCaprio, who reportedly views Ceretti as an old soul. Additionally, the insider shared that DiCaprio’s friends are supportive of the relationship and are optimistic that he may have finally found his perfect match, with hopes that Ceretti could be “The One” for him.