Let’s enjoy series of ʙικιɴι photo collection of the girls in the Kardashian family

Despite having gone through two births, Kim super hip still retains an admirable figure.

Weight and excess fat is always a problem that causes headaches for women, especially mothers who have experienced childbirth. But if you try and stick to the right exercise and eating regimen, your physique will be greatly improved, maybe even more beautiful and standard than when you were not born.

The “living witness” for those weight loss efforts is none other than the super hip,  Kim Kardashian. Despite having two births quite close to each other, until now Kim has lost a total of  31kg.

Kylie & Kendall Jenner

Now, the fattest member of the family  Kardashian can confidently wear sexy ʙικιɴι outfits with her hot sisters.

Take a look at the latest ʙικιɴι photo of their family, you will have more motivation to lose weight.


Kim super hip actively shows ʙικιɴι photos on the beach after successfully losing weight.


Thanks to the Atkins diet (eating a lot of protein from chicken, fish and many other types of meat), the hot peach has lost 31 kg since giving birth to the second angel.


The mother-of-two now has a toned butt and is no longer fat.


Her slim body gives Kim a great figure, making her more attractive than ever.


Close-up of Kim’s sexy body, although she has lost 31kg, she still maintains her “first hip” position.


Not only Kim, but the sisters in the family  Kardashian also have perfect bodies,  Khloé Kardashian is charming when being photographed by reporters sunbathing on the yacht.


Kendall Jenner has just posted a hot image on her personal page, thanks to her perfect body, she has repeatedly participated in expensive lingerie advertising campaigns.


Kendall and her sister Kylie sunbathe on the beach together.


Kim’s youngest sister is super hip, no less than her sisters, even Kylie is seductively overpowering the sisters with this standard body shape.


Wearing ʙικιɴι in chic style, very fresh and trendy.


These glamor photos have all garnered huge likes on Kylie’s personal page, with hardly any of her ʙικιɴι photos under 1 million likes.


The Kim sisters are very active in showing off their bodies on social networking sites.


The eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, is also considered a hot mama in Hollywood when she has an outstanding physique that is no less than her sisters.


The leader of the family, Kim’s mother also often shows off her perfect figure on her social networking site.

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