Lewandowski chased thieves on the street, took back billions of watches

According to Sport, Robert Lewandowski, Barca's most notable summer 2022 contract, was stolen for nearly 2 billion VND outside Barca's training center. But he immediately reacted in time to catch up with the police.

When the Polish striker stopped outside the training ground to sign autographs for fans, the incident occurred. While he was not paying attention, two crooks took the opportunity to open the door of his car on the opposite side and took away a super-luxury Patek Phillipe watch valued at about 75,000 euros.


Lewandowski then discovered and immediately pursued these guys. The local police also received information and quickly joined the arrest. Also because these two guys ran, they couldn’t hide for long.

The watch was found behind a tree when one of the suspects confessed that he had thrown the watch in the dark to temporarily “disappear”, but in the end the plan failed. Lewandowski almost lost his precious watch, and at the same time gained a “forging” speeding skill.


Lewy was signing autographs for fans when the incident happened

For Barca, this is the latest in a series of incidents that have caused the club to be criticized for its poor security around their pitch. Earlier, security staff let fans crowd around Samuel Umtiti’s car, causing the defender to confront the fans. Another crowd also surrounded coach Ronald Koeman’s car and tried to attack him, but the staff here could not intervene.


The head of Barca’s security department was sacked by Joan Laporta last November, but things don’t seem to have improved much, most recently Lewandowski’s case.

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