‘Life dream’: A source says that LeBron James still wants to play with Bronny

The fαct that Lakers star LeBron James wants to play with his son Bronny James on an NBA court is the worst-kept sҽcret in the league.

The older James has talked about this many times, and he has even arranged his deal so that it starts when his son is set to join the league. This fall, Bronny James will go to USC and then join the NBA next year.

Brian Windhorst, a longtime NBA expert, said on the ESPN show Get Up that James has changed his mind about whether or not he wants to play with his son, but that he “really, really” wants it to happen.

For this to happen, the older James would have to turn down LA’s player option for next season and then sign with the team that picks his son in the draft.

James recently added fuel to the fire when he talked about a fake draft that said his son would be picked by the Atlanta Hawks for next season. James could have just been having fun during the off-season, but he is a very smart guy who thinks things through. He knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote this, and it could mean that he is seriously thinking about joining his son’s team.

James would feel like he was in a dream if he could play with his son, especially if it was during his last NBA season. After the Lakers were swept out of the playoffs this year, James said he might quit, but most people in the league think he will come back for his 21st season.

This is a story that will be interesting to follow over the next year or so. If the Lakers don’t pick his son, this could be James’ last season with the team.