Lisa (BLACKPINK) is extremely pretty with new hair, BLINKs expect this would be new MV hairstyle

In the video congratulating BLACKPINK's 6th debut anniversary, Lisa "caused a storm" with her hair being extended and dyed in rose gold.

But fans are also concerned about Lisa’s hair condition when the female idol reveals damaged hair in the new vlog.

In addition to congratulating on the 6th debut anniversary on his personal social media account,  BLACKPINK  also expressed gratitude to fans through a short video. In particular, Lisa’s new look surprised and delighted fans.


BLACKPINK thanked the fans for accompanying the group for the past 6 years.

Lisa had hair extensions, slightly curled, 5-5 parted bangs and dyed pink. This hairstyle is somewhat similar to the hair Lisa used to wear during the promotion of the song  How You Like That. At that time, Lisa left her bangs flat and dyed a darker pink. Lisa’s current hairstyle is shorter, dyed pink rose gold for a sweet feeling.


Fans are “thrilled” with Lisa’s new look and hope that this hair will be kept by her during the promotion for her new comeback.

This shape also satisfies the fans’ nostalgia for “Long-haired Lisa”. Previously, based on a “storm” selfie photo of Lisa’s fandom, fans adjusted Lisa’s hair to be longer. This photo received thousands of “heart drops” for upgrading the  visual “top” for the female idol.


The simple but attractive original photo of Lisa received “million hearts”.


The photo edited by the fan with long hair is equally stormy. – Photo: RunLisarun_, bpsms_


A fan conveniently dyed Lisa’s hair pink. – Photo: LSMTRENDS


Lisa’s new look in the fan-edited photo dyed with blue ombre also captivated fans. – Photo: lsmbulgari

However, fans can’t help but feel sorry when in the original photo Lisa’s hair clearly shows a fibrous, weak and thin condition due to dyeing and bleaching her hair a lot. In the  vlog LILI’s FILM – Paris Vlog  just posted at dawn on August 8, Lisa also shared with fans about the damage of her hair due to excessive styling.


Lisa used to create  trends with her hair many times every time she appeared.

Since  debut to now, Lisa has constantly renewed her image in public. Every time she reappears with BLACKPINK, Lisa appears with a new hairstyle or hair color. Looking forward to the idol’s “comeback” “transformation”, but fans still hope that Lisa and the members give priority to letting her hair rest, avoiding too much damage.

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