Lisa (BLACKPINK) wears heavy makeup and shows off her sᴇxʏ bust, but what’s the тʀuтн?

Recently, a series of photos of Lisa (BLACKPINK) dressed sexy showing off her sexy bust made fans fall in love.

Although she often chooses aggressive outfits, Lisa (BLACKPINK) very rarely chooses sexy or revealing clothes, cut all around. That’s why she makes fans admire every time she changes her style or wears any revealing clothes.

Recently, on the social network, a series of photos of Lisa wearing a two-piece top, showing off her bare shoulders and wearing very sexy makeup. Her beautiful face has no dead corners, her peak charisma makes fans fall in love and can’t take their eyes off. It is worth noting that the first round of the girl seemed to be “killed” because of pressure. People can’t help but be shocked by the overflowing round 1 of the youngest BLACKPINK in this series of photos. Has Lisa completely turned to a sexy style?


Lisa’s charisma, beauty makes people unable to take their eyes off


Her bust makes people “suffocating” because it is fully displayed in a thin 2-piece shirt

However, the truth makes many people regret because this is just a photo photoshopped by fans. However, this series of photos is still being shared by  netizens non-stop. Many people also hope to see Lisa in this sexy style in the future. Before that, Lisa had only pressed the 1st round “foggy” a few times, but every time she made netizens stir up because she was so beautiful, sexy, and still classy.


Lisa just revealed her bust in a series of teaser photos of How You Like That…


… and in jewelry ads,…


… but it’s enough to make people feverish because it’s too beautiful, too luxurious, too sexy

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