Lisa Deserves The Title Of ‘Thailand’s National Treasure’ Because Of These Things!

After a long time working in Korea, Lisa gradually marked her position in many fields. Besides, she also did not forget to spread the culture of her homeland to everyone. Looking at Lisa's efforts, the people of the Golden Temple country always show their love for the female idol.

After many years as a trainee, Lisa debuted with BLACKPINK and made many lasting impressions. Although she has been to Korea for a long time, Lisa is still proud of her homeland. This helps the female idol score absolute points in the hearts of the public.


Still keeping the habit of bowing and clasping hands

Coming to Korea in 2011, until now, Lisa still keeps the traditional habits of her hometown. It’s not hard to see that she always greets by bowing her hands together. This is considered a unique feature of Thai culture.

On May 26, 2022, BLACKPINK was present at the British Embassy in Korea to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Anniversary. When talking, Lisa shows respect by bowing and clasping her hands.


Teaching Thai to the members

Because Lisa is a Thai member, the BLACKPINK sisters are also very curious and excited to learn about the culture of their country. The story of “Mai mee tang ka” (I have no money) is so familiar to BLACKPINK fans.

During their visit to Thailand, the girls worked hard to learn Lisa’s mother tongue. Worth mentioning,  Jisoo can study very well, remembering the phrase “Mai mee tang ka” that makes Lisa excited.


In addition, both Jennie and Rosé can speak quite fluently thanks to “teacher” Lisa patiently guiding the sisters. At the concert, Jennie also expressed her love for the youngest in Thai.


Bringing Thai culture into solo MV

During the solo debut with the MV LALISA, the youngest member of BLACKPINK skillfully integrated and promoted the traditional culture of the Golden Temple country. Right from the teaser, she made a strong impression on viewers. Accordingly, the image of Lisa is illuminated by lightning. People quickly discovered that they have created a very shimmering map of Thailand.


Next, the melody of LALISA is used a lot of  traditional musical instruments of the land of the Golden Temple. In addition, shaping with costumes and accessories is a mongkut (a popular crown in Thailand) that also makes viewers overwhelmed. Worth mentioning, the traditional dance of her hometown was also included in the choreography by Lisa.

Proud to be Thai

In the behind-the-scenes filming of the LALISA MV, Lisa herself showed her love for her homeland. She stated firmly, “I’m proud to be Thai and I want to let the  world  know that I’m from Thailand”.


The “savior” of the meatball store

During her return to her hometown, Lisa went to eat at a meatball restaurant. Right after that, people continuously flocked here to enjoy their favorite idol food. Thanks to that, the restaurant’s business grew, even expanding to 50 branches across Thailand. However, the meatball dish in Thailand has now become familiar to Lisa’s fans.


Not ashamed to be called “Thailand’s national treasure”, Lisa always skillfully spreads her homeland’s culture to your country. In particular, she also removed stereotypes about Southeast Asians, successfully proving her ability.

Lisa has also proven to be very influential not only in Korea but also around the world, especially in China. Although she is not Chinese, she still has a great influence in the entertainment industry in this country.

Recently, Lisa became the cover face of the August issue of Marie Claire China magazine. The achievement of the youngest member of Blackpink is a rare “exception”, because in recent years, Kpop culture has been restricted. in the Chinese market, due to regulations to regulate the passionate fandom activities of the country’s managers of billions of people.


During the past 10 years, China’s leading fashion magazine Marie Claire has only had 8 international stars appear. Since 2014, after Song Hye Kyo, there has never been an artist active in the Korean entertainment industry who has been “chosen to send gold” on the cover of this magazine, until Lisa.

Before that, Lisa also appeared in the two most expensive magazines in China, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.


Lisa has also worked as an advertising model for a major Chinese phone company. At that time, photos of the YG star appeared all over the country’s commercial centers and electronic billboards.

According to Korean media, one of the reasons for Lisa’s great influence and success in the Chinese market is her participation in the survival program “Youth With Friends” as a teacher. Thanks to that, the youngest member of BlackPink has gained a large number of fans. Besides, Lisa’s harsh but equally sincere comments on the show inspired the contestants and were loved by the fans.

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