Lisa Makes Fans Burst Into Tears With Her ‘Traumatic’ Trainee Stories

Lisa’s first day-of-work video was just released, and the letter she penned to the finalists about her trainee experience was so heartbreaking that it brought BLINKs to tears.

Lisa has been appointed as the dance mentor on the survival program because she is the main dancer for BLACKPINK. Youth With You captured her first task—going over all of the applicants’ profiles—in a charming vlog.


The majority of the profiles made Lisa grin at first. One contestant mentioned how much she adores cats, which she and Lisa share.

When one mentioned their love for the Japanese cuisine shabu-shabu, a savory hotpot composed of thinly sliced beef, veggies, and dipping sauces, another reminded Lisa of how hungry she was.

However, as Lisa read through the applicant’s personal letters, she saw that many of them affected her heart in different ways. She couldn’t help but be saddened by one contestant’s fear of being alone during the tournament.

Another contestant rҽvҽalҽd her lack of confidence in her singing ability, appearance, and attitude.

As a result, when it was Lisa’s turn to write a letter for the participants, she put just as much effort into it as they did.

Lisa began her letter by bringing up some of the messages she had read after greeting the candidates. The contestant stated that she had been away from home for ten years, attempting to compete but never achieving the success she desired.

Another candidate expressed her regret that she would have to return home if she didn’t make it through this season of Youth With You. And Lisa could identify with all of these depressing sentiments.

I debuted with 5 years of training. I know being a trainee is hard.

— Lisa

Lisa assured the worried candidates that she had experienced the same frightening thoughts and difficulties that they were experiencing. It was even more difficult for Lisa because she had to relocate to a place where she didn’t understand the language.

I can totally understand you all because I’ve also been through that experience. When I was 14 years old, I wanted to be a singer… I left home by myself and went to an unfamiliar country to be a trainee. I went through high level training and had to overcome the language barrier.

— Lisa

Lisa explained her struggles in the letter, describing how she had to persevere in a “totally new linguistic context,” striving harder and harder to catch up to the Korean-speaking trainees. Being away from home was sometimes so difficult for Lisa that she couldn’t keep going.

Sometimes I secretly cried in bed because I was so homesick.

— Lisa

Nonetheless, she persisted. And thank heavens she did, since five years later she made her debut as the lead dancer in one of the world’s most popular female groups.

5 years was so long, but I didn’t give up—and I believe you can do the same.

— Lisa

Finally, Lisa lovingly encouraged the Youth With You participants to keep going even when things became rough in her letter.

As you try to achieve your dream, you will encounter many barriers. However, no matter what you face, I hope you continuously move forward, and I will be here to support you.

— Lisa

BLINKs were moved to tears by Lisa’s struggles and determination throughout the years, which was unsurprising.

Watch Lisa’s full vlog here!