Lisa Proves She’s A Fashionista Even In The Gaming World

Whether BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is gracing the covers of magazines or stepping on stage for a performance, she always looks fashionable.

Proving why Lisa is such a sought-after brand ambassador, she flexed her knowledge of the latest fashion trends, even in gaming.

For the group’s collaboration with the game MapleStory, the members spent three rounds choosing an outfit to find out if it was the players’ top choice. Lisa effortlessly passed the first round by selecting an outfit in a magician’s style that players would enjoy.

The second round was also a breeze for Lisa, who was the only one who chose correctly. She pinpointed how a dangling key chain on an outfit made the player look cute and gave them a popular floating ability.

Even in the last round, Lisa took the ultimate win by using her fashionista instincts to choose the number one outfit that players voted on.

Between the digital and real world, Lisa’s fashion instincts are always on point.

Lisa Shows Just How Much Her Fans Mean To Her Through A Recent Interaction With One Lucky Fan

BLACKPINK  ‘s  Lisa always impresses fans with her talent, incredible looks, and kind personality. The female idol constantly expressed her deep gratitude to her fans for their support.

Although Lisa’s kind personality is beyond question, a recent interaction with a fan has once again caused residents to praise the female idol’s personality.

After each BLACKPINK BORN PINK concert   , the members greet fans, which has led to many viral interactions.

A fan who attended the BORN PINK concert recently excitedly shared their experience after meeting Lisa for the second time. According to fans, they first met at a  BVLGARI event .

BLACKPINK Lisa cho BVLGARI | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram 

Lisa is not only a perfect ambassador for the luxury brand, perfectly embodying their elegant image…

Lisa at BVLGARI’s Eden The Garden of Wonders Event 2021 | @jc.babin/Instagram 

But she’s even used her position as one of BVLGARI’s global ambassadors to support global operations, further demonstrating her incredible personality.

 Lisa at the BVLGARI Avrora Awards

And after meeting fans again at BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK concert, Lisa proved that she truly cherishs every interaction with her fans, remembering fans from her previous interaction. surname.

“Lisa just told me she misses me from bvlgari shop and she was so happy to see me from Italy she said ‘omg, it’s you!’”

While it’s not surprising to see how much Lisa cherishes her fans, this interaction makes fans feel loved.

“You get a superstar so sweet and down-to-earth that she remembers meeting you a few months ago

I swear I stan the right person… Lisa is everything I could wish for in an idol.”

Who wouldn’t want to be remembered for such a great global icon?