Lisa Was Hᴜмiliaтed Because Of Spotify’s Mistake

Recently, the music streaming application Spotify has posted Spotify Wrapped 2022. Accordingly, this is the list of the most prominent artists on this platform this year after evaluating the global listening metrics. . Lisa – a member of BLACKPINK – is also honored to be on Spotify’s list in the K-Pop segment.

Specifically, Lisa is the most listened to female K-Pop solo artist on this platform this year. What’s more amazing is that Lisa just started her solo career last September. The youngest member of BLACKPINK also released only 2 solo songs, released last year, named LALISA and Money.

However, soon after, Spotify acknowledged the error and stated that BTS’ Jungkook should have received the title. “Every year, we strive to report accurate music statistics around the world,” Spotify’s official K-pop Twitter account writes.

“Regarding the Top K-Pop Artists of 2022 playlist, various genres of music were tagged, leading to incorrect statistics. This error has been corrected.”

“We celebrate with the fans the many achievements of BTS and regret the error,” Sportify added in a follow-up tweet. Fans are calling on Spotify to apologize to BLACKPINK’s Lisa for mistaking her as the Most Streamed K-Pop Solo Artist of 2022.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) was hᴜмiliaтed because of Spotify’s mistake

However, shortly after the announcement from Spotify, the internet was flooded with a series of hateful comments aimed at Lisa, many of which despised wσмen and “hᴜмiliaтed” the Thai-born artist, accusing her of having an affair with the Director. Spotify’s global music director, Jeremy Erlich, to win the title.

In response, fans of BLACKPINK (also known as Blinks) spoke out on Twitter in their own way. The phrase “Sorry Lisa” was trending on social media this weekend.

“Whatever achievement Lisa gets, she’s subject to derogatory comments. She’s racist because she’s Thai. She’s hᴜмiliaтed because she’s a woman. . They even dragged Lisa’s friends and family in,” said one user, “Sorry Lisa.”

“If Spotify continues to ignore us and not issue an official apology to Lisa,” another wrote, “This just shows that this online music platform encourages hαrαssмent of wσмen.”

Meanwhile, an international Lisa fan account with more than 370,000 followers wrote on Twitter tagged Spotify: “We are very selective in our battles because there are times when you don’t need to pull out your swσrԀ‌. to kᎥll a fly. But today is not the day to be silent, Lisa deserves an apology.”

Currently, Lisa and the BLACKPINK sisters are busy with the Born Pink tour in the North American market. Upcoming, the group will perform in Chicago on December 10 and 11. BlackPink’s two new MVs, Pink Venom and Shut Down, are also setting many views on YouTube.

This year, Lisa was also honored at two prestigious music awards ceremonies, VMAs and EMAs. The BLACKPINK member has become the first K-Pop solo artist to win awards at both awards ceremonies.  Many reputable newspapers also confirmed that BLACKPINK’s “youngest brother” is one of the people who raised the status of K-Pop on the world map.  The female idol does this both as a member of BLACKPINK and as an artist.