Lisa Was Surpassed By Jungkook But Her Charm Never Ceases To Be Hσт

BTS' Jungkook continues to reap another monumental record on one of the sites with the most users today, TikTok.

BTS’ Jungkook continues to reap another monumental record on one of the sites with the most users today, TikTok.


V is always praised for his attitude towards people around him. In a recent interview, BTS member and rapper J-Hope confirmed V’s genuinely caring personality and shared how he supported him during his last official solo debut.

In particular, Jungkook and Charlie Puth’s Left And Right continues to win hearts and become more and more popular, even 6 six weeks into its release.


The song is going viral on TikTok as the sound of Left And Right has surpassed 5.2 million uses in videos, becoming the most used song by a K-pop solo artist on the platform. .


Bài hát của Jungkook đã vượt qua Way Back Home của Shaun (4,7 triệu lượt) và Money của Lisa nhà Blackpink (4,5 triệu lượt) trên TikTok. Ngoài ra, Left And Right cũng là bài hát nhanh nhất của một nghệ sĩ solo K-pop đạt được thành tích này.


“Not surprisingly, this is the best song of this summer” – an ARMY expressed.

Another ARMY commented, “Left And Right is a real hit”.


Regardless of the outcome, it is undeniable that Lisa – the youngest member of Blackpink group, has a large fan base in her hand.

In addition, Blackink’s youngest brother also made many achievements when releasing his solo product. Specifically, she released the solo single “LALISA” last year and until now, the products in this single still bring Blackpink’s youngest member admirable records.

Specifically, in the single released on September 10, 2021, along with a MV for the title song. Accordingly, when releasing LALISA, this song quickly rose to No. 2 on Billboard Global 200 and No. 84 on US Billboard Hot 100. At the end of September, a dance performance video for the song was released. B-side Money, was also released.

After nearly a year of debut, the song LALISA rose to the top of Billboard’s Trending Songs chart provided by Twitter in the first week of August. This achievement makes Lisa the first female artist to top the chart. this ranking since its launch.


Specifically, according to Twitter, the song recorded a 45% increase and 1.5 million mentions in the last week of July, which lasted from July 22 to July 28. Billboard has also shared the chart details on its official account.

LALISA is the seventh song to top the Trending Songs chart since the chart’s launch in October 2021. This is also the only song to stay on the chart since its debut 41 weeks ago.

It is known that the song “LALISA” has been nominated in the category of the best K-pop song at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards 2022.

Currently, LALISA’s MV has surpassed 500 million views on YouTube. This is an achievement that not all female solo idols have achieved.

With what has been achieved, Lisa deserves to be one of the most successful solo idols in Kpop.

In the interview, when asked “Have you ever thought about what you would do if you didn’t become a female idol?”, Lisa honestly answered that she had plans of her own.

Accordingly, “Blackpink’s youngest brother” wants to go to high school in Australia and become a dance teacher. “If I hadn’t been to Korea, I think I would have been doing a lot of different jobs,” Lisa said.


Recalling her time as a trainee, Lisa revealed that there was once a teacher who encouraged Lisa to pursue the limelight. The teacher motivated Lisa to become a singer and that’s why when YG opened the audition, Lisa didn’t hesitate to apply and become a trainee.

Although there is no specific debut date, Lisa and Blackpink members sometimes find it a bit difficult, but she is always confident that she can make her dreams come true.

“I usually tell my mom when I wake up every day and today, how late I worked out at the gym… She’s also curious about how I live. It’s like journaling. Every day we talk about what I did, what we ate, and who we met.

Once, Taeyang BigBang sunbaenim saw me and said, “Lisa, fighting!”. This really encouraged me a lot,” Lisa recalls the difficult time.


Until the group Blackpink became globally famous, Lisa was always happy because she regularly received the love of fans around the world.

“Besides the name Lisa Blackpink, I want to be known by my full name, Lalisa.

I want to tell everyone that I’m Thai, I’m Lalisa. I am confident in myself and want to convey that to my fans,” Lisa expressed.

Talking about the future 10 years from now, the Blackpink female member wishes to have a peaceful life and do the things she wants with her mother. Even so, she revealed herself as someone who lives for the present and gives little thought to the future, the present being what she’s trying to enjoy.

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