Lisa Was Unfаιrly Trеаtеd By YG Before Her Comeback, Fans Are Determined To Get Justice

Although it has been 2 years since returning to the music race , BLACKPINK still faces many difficulties from the management company and fans. In particular, YG Entertainment's actions for Lisa made fans even more angry, detrimental to the comeback if not resolved properly.

On August 19, BLACKPINK will officially return to the music scene after a two-year absence with the opening song ” PINK VENOM ” . However, currently Lisa fans are outraged by YG Entertainment’s treatment of idols. Even a large number of fans also stated that they would not support BLACKPINK’s comeback.


Recently, Lisa’s fans pointed out that YG Entertainment has many careless mistakes with the concept teaser video of the youngest BLACKPINK. When posting about the product on Twitter, the company forgot to link to YouTube and Naver, not trying to hashtag Lisa’s name. It wasn’t until 10 minutes later that YG staff noticed and deleted and retweeted. Meanwhile, the old post has received more than 50,000 likes, 40,000 retweets and 97 thousand views.


On the YouTuber platform, YG Entertainment also showed its lack of professionalism when posting the Lisa teaser video. Accordingly, this company tried to hashtag #BLACPINK instead of #BLACKPINK. YG also did not add Lisa’s teaser video to the playlist, but waited until 20 minutes after posting. This causes the female idol’s views and searches to be affected.


Besides the superficiality in posting Lisa’s video, YG Entertainment did not update the sales of solo album LALISA on Gaon. The company last announced the achievement of more than 808,000 copies in January 2022. What makes fans extremely angry because it directly affects the achievements and awards that Lisa is nominated for.


With what YG Entertainment treated Lisa, fans were “infuriated”, determined to make a right with the company. LISABar – one of the biggest fandoms of the youngest member BLACKPINK has announced to stop buying the album BORN PINK.


This is not the first time Lisa has been treated unfairly by her own agency. During the recording sessions for Thanh Xuan With You 3, the female singer was the only one in the mentor group who did not have her own behind-the-scenes photo and the reason was that YG did not send it to the program producer.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is one of the most influential female idols in K-pop today. Owning Instagram with more than 77.4 million followers, being the Global Ambassador of Celine, Bvlgari and advertising for many other brands, besides, Lisa also has solo activities when releasing the album LALISA in September 2021. . Therefore, the amount of money earned by the youngest member of BLACKPINK is extremely large. However, many times, YG Entertainment treated Lisa unfairly, making fans worried and angry.


The promotional period for the MV “Lalisa” is short

After Jennie , Rosé, Lisa is the third Blackpink member to release a solo MV called “Lalisa”. However, compared to Jennie or Rosé, fans can easily see that the promotional schedule for the MV “Lalisa” is quite small and happens quite quickly.

Specifically, YG Entertainment – BLACKPINK’s management company, only arranged for Lisa to go to a few interview shows and almost only replayed pre-recorded performances. Lisa’s “Lalisa” was also absent from major music shows in the first week of its debut. It was only after 9 days of debut that Lisa had her first performance stage in Korea.


Lisa also officially closed the promotion of her first solo product with only 3 stages in Korea. Because of the short promotional period, “BLACKPINK’s maknae” only had 1 trophy in his solo debut.

Previously, her best friend in the group, Rosé BLACKPINK, had a long solo MV promotion and received countless trophies at music shows. Besides, many fans also think that the MV “Lalisa” is not as well-invested as Rosé’s “On the ground” or Jennie’s “Solo”.

Limited personal activities compared to BLACKPINK members

Jennie, Jisoo , Rosé and Lisa are all ambassadors of famous fashion , jewelry and cosmetic brands in the world . Therefore, the news that all 4 members will have a schedule to go to France to attend Paris Fashion Weeks has made fans look forward to.

However, when Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie all created effects after attending fashion shows, Lisa seemed to be quiet and had a schedule to go to France last, after the members had taken turns filming. back to Korea.


The CEO of a jewelry company with Lisa as an ambassador shared on Instagram that, although Lisa went to France, the company did not want her to attend the brand’s programs. This made Lisa’s fans angry. Right after that, YG said that they wanted to protect Lisa’s health because the COVID-19 epidemic was still complicated.

This reason of YG is considered unreasonable because before that Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo all had many activities in the West.

Outfits are not invested

Fans have repeatedly discovered that Lisa has to wear dancers’ clothes when performing at music stages.


In some shows, Lisa is also often dressed in less prominent costumes, sometimes too cumbersome compared to the other 3 members.


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