Liverpool are now preparing a deal for their ‘ideal’ midfielder

According to rumours, Matheus Nunes' transfer to Liverpool is being prepared. He is allegedly viewed as being "ideal" for the Reds.

This was published in Correio da Manha. They assert that Matheus Nunes, a midfielder for Sporting CP, will be acquired by Liverpool.


With his recent performance against SC Braga, Nunes reportedly made an impression on the Reds. That was sufficient for Liverpool to begin play following Thiago’s injury at the weekend.

And they are already aware of the cost. Wolves accepted an offer of about £42 million earlier in the summer window. The remainder came as add-ons, making that £37m upfront. Nunes turned down Wolves, but that doesn’t mean he would turn down Liverpool.


Over the past few days, Nunes has been mentioned a lot in relation to Liverpool. The original ties, nevertheless, began far earlier.

The interest was reported by Correio de Manha months ago, but not much happened. But perhaps Liverpool will succeed at the end of the transfer window.

This one has also been a long story. The management of Nunes reportedly asserted that Nunes turned down “life-changing” offers to stay at Sporting. We’d have to presume that he’s referring to a Wolves offer rather than a Liverpool offer.


O Jogo has promoted the notion that Sporting persuaded Nunes to remain with them for the current campaign. However, once more, we assume that was before Liverpool showed any real interest. That position might swiftly alter.

What makes Liverpool want Nunes, then? In an interview with the Football Terrace Podcast, writer Dean Jones asserted that they think he fits the “ideal profile.” We have always held that opinion, and at 23 years old, the midfielder has both immediate and long-term potential.


In addition, we believe Liverpool could sign Nunes while still having room for Jude Bellingham in 2023. That’s crucial in any midfield signing right now, and this wouldn’t necessarily kill any deal there.

Such rumors will be prevalent regardless of whether Liverpool makes a midfielder acquisition this month or not. If Nunes ends up at Anfield, we won’t be upset about it.

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