Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard criticized for gifting his 6 y/o daughter a ‘golden iPad’

The Liverpool legend has just become the focus of public criticism after “flaunting” an excessively luxurious birthday gift for his 6-year-old daughter Lourdes.

On the occasion of his third daughter, Lourdes, turning 6 years old, Steven Gerrard was delighted to share on his personal Instagram the gift he gave his baby, accompanied by a loving wish: “Happy birthday This little girl’s 6th birthday. I love you, baby.”

It would not be worth mentioning if the gift of the Liverpool legend was not an 18-carat gold iPad costing up to 1,455 pounds. And very quickly, Gerrard’s 6.5 million followers Instagram page “was up”.

Many people think that the luxury iPad…

… not the right gift for a 6-year-old girl

Most fans expressed their dissatisfaction, even vehemently criticizing the former Liverpool midfielder. Many people think that Steven Gerrard is showing off his wealth and forgetting his working background.

In addition, giving a gold-plated iPad to a 6-year-old is clearly too expensive. And there are many people sarcastically that Steven Gerrard is “teaching” their children: “Thanks to Steven Gerrard for making my daughter think it’s okay and she should have a golden iPad.”

Gerrard was criticized for “badly teaching” his daughter

Recently, the parenting style of Premier League stars is attracting a lot of attention from fans. Wayne Rooney was criticized last week for allowing his 8-year-old son, Kai, to set up his own Instagram account.

Wayne Rooney cũng từng bị “ném đá” vì chuyện dạy con

Wayne Rooney was also criticized for the way he teached his children

It is worth mentioning that according to the regulations of this social networking site, only 13 years of age or older can set up a personal account. Obviously, the Rooney family has neglected management, causing their son to practice “virtual living” when he was too young.