Looking back 8th: Steph and Ayesha Curry’s Daughter Ryan Looks All Grown Up in Sweet 7th Birthday Photos

Steph and Ayesha Curry are having a big party for their daughter because of a big event in her life.

On Monday, the 34-year-old Golden State Warriors player shared on Instagram to celebrate the 7th birthday of his daughter Ryan. He posted a picture of Ryan and her dad sitting in a golf cart while she holds up a peace sign and smiles sweetly over her dad’s shoulder.

“Special happy birthday and Lucky #7 for my Ryan!!!” he wrote in the photo’s description. “I love everything about this special girl. Shine bright, my baby.”

Ayesha also showed her support for Ryan by posting a number of pictures to her own Instagram page. Ryan is wearing a dress and a hat, and her hair is down in the cute pictures. In other pictures, she looks cute as she poses while having a tea party.

“Our little girl is seven! She is kind, smart, giving, and loving beyond measure, and she definitely marches to the bҽat of her own drum!” the mother of three wrote. “Stephen and I are so proud of our little butterfly, whom we love very much. 🥰🦋🧚🏼”

Steph and Ayesha also share 11-year-old daughter Riley and son Canon W. Jack, who turned 4 last week. The family of five has had a big year. They just enjoyed Steph winning his fourth championship game with the Golden State Warriors by bҽating the Boston Celtics. The team won its fourth title in eight years with Steph’s help.

In May, he also got his college diploma 13 years after first entering the NBA. He shared several shots of the event on social media and said that getting the degree was a “dream come true.”

“Class of 2010, also known as 2022, but we did it!” In his caption, Steph said. “Thanks to everyone in my town who helped me get to the end of the race. When I left, I made a promise, and I had to keep it. Steph and Ayesha met in high school in North Carolina. They got married on July 30, 2011, and last year they celebrated their 10th anniversary.

In a February chat with Zuri Hall of Access Hollywood, the couple talked about how they keep things exciting and new even though they have been together for so long. At the time, Ayesha said it was important to make time for dates.

“For us, it’s just making sure we don’t forget to hang out, get dressed up, and do all the things. “That’s what keeps it hσt,” said Ayesha.

Steph’s respect for his wife also helps.

The athlete said, “I’m just praising you and looking at how beautiful she is. If you keep it like that, I think that’s why we’ve been together for 10 years and will possibly be together for another 10 years.”