Looking back on Blackpink’s tour journey: controversial, explosive and record

Blackpink had a great journey in North America during the world tour. In addition to the awards, they set many records.

Accordingly, Blackpink’s North American tour “Born Pink” ended with 7 cities. They have left many impressions with the audience.

In their journey, Blackpink has set up many achievements along with unintended consequences.

The Problem

The continuous running of the show made them show signs of going downhill, not guaranteed.

Remembering the concert on October 29 in Houston, USA, Jisoo had a big stomach upset on her neck. According to Korean experts, the cause of this swollen lymph node is due to fever or illness.

Meanwhile, member Jennie repeatedly coughed while performing due to the intense work intensity. In interviews, she also revealed that she was not red. The night of the concert in Hamilton, Jennie fell on her leg and collapsed while performing.

Particularly, member Rosé has an arm with urgo stickers in the position that usually transmits water. Accordingly, it is very possible that her red is not guaranteed.

On November 3, many Korean news sites reported that Blackpink was criticized by the audience for regularly choreographing during their recent tour.

Specifically, in the performance clip, member Jennie doesn’t seem to perform some movements due to forgetting the choreography. The female singer also lost her balance during a performance. In addition to Jennie, the audience commented that the Blackpink members many times had bad and irregular choreography when performing.

Before this incident, many viewers were тгɑпһ ᴄãɪ. However, it is possible that due to the members’ fatigue, their performance is not guaranteed.


Remember the last night of Blackpink’s North American concert, which recorded more than 47,000 spectators at the Banc of California Stadium. That shows that their baby is very big in the international market.

Blackpink also set a sales record when selling tickets for 14 concert nights in 7 cities, meeting more than 200,000 audiences from all over the world and especially earning more than 3 billion USD/night in Newark.

Kpop female idol best November: Blackpink continues to lead

Blackpink and NewJeans members continued to place the first places of the Kpop girl group member brand reputation rankings in November.

The Korean Business Research Institute has just released the November brand reputation rankings for 579 K-pop girl group members. Data was collected from October 20 to November 20.

Blackpink’s Jennie has had the fourth month in a row since August, topping the Top 1 ranking of the most female Kpop idols һᴏт. This month, Jennie’s brand reputation score reached 2,950,864.

High-ranking phrases in her keyword analysis include “world tour,” “Beauty Kurly,” and “Instagram.”

The highest-ranked related keywords were “ɡ ᴄàᴍ” (ѕᴇхʏ), “advertisement” and “prominent”. Positive analysis – Jennie’s score shows a positive score of 83.29%.

Meanwhile, Haerin of rookie girl group NewJeans rose to 2nd place in November, with a brand reputation index of 2,547,209. Last month, Haerin was in the Top 5.

Blackpink’s Jisoo comes in at 3rd place in the November rankings, with a score of 2,537,466. Meanwhile, the youngest member of Blackpink – Lisa ranked right behind with a total brand reputation index score of 2,463,809.

Finally, NewJeans’ Vietnamese-born female idol Hanni Pham entered the Top 5 of November’s female idol rankings, with a brand reputation index of 2,462,557.

November Kpop girl group member brand reputation rankings:

1. Jennie (Blackpink)

2. Haerin (NewJeans)

3. Jisoo (Blackpink)

4. Lisa (Blackpink)

5. Hanni (NewJeans)

6. Minji (NewJeans)

7. Rosé (Blackpink)

8. Gaeul (IVE)

9. Kazuha (LE SSERAFIM)

10. YooA (Oh My Girl)

11. Joy (Red Velvet)

12. Hyein (NewJeans)

13. Danielle (NewJeans)

14. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

15. Taeyeon (SNSD)

16. Irene (Red Velvet)

17. Huh Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM)

18. Jang Won Young (IVE)

19. Karina (aespa)

20. Arin (Oh My Girl)

21. Wendy (Red Velvet)

22. Dahyun (TWICE)

23. Winter (aespa)

24. Nayeon (TWICE)

25. Rei (IVE)

26. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

27. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

28. YoonA (SNSD)

29. Solar (MAMAMOO)

30. Hong Eunchae (LE SSERAFIM)