Putιn ally Mҽdvҽdҽv makes wild predictions, saying Musk will become US president

According to Forbes, the cumulative losses of the world’s billionaires in 2022 were close to $2 trillion. According to Forbes, American millionaires lost $660 billion collectively as tech stock values plummeted as a result of rising interest rates, skyrocketing inflation, and a deteriorating economy. This loss was the largest of any nation.

Elon Musk, the recently appointed CEO of Twitter, SpaceX, and Tesla were the billionaires in America who saw their wealth decline the greatest. According to Forbes, Musk’s net worth decreased by around $115 billion this year.

When Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter in October, he raised the money by selling $23 billion worth of Tesla stock. He has later admitted that this transaction involved a “obvious” overcharge. His intention to leave his position as CEO of the social media network once he finds a competent successor was recently disclosed.

As of December 27, the stock price of Tesla had fallen by about 70% for the year. Longtime Tesla investors are urging the company’s board of directors to persuade Musk to return his attention to the maker of electric vehicles.

Although Musk lost the title of world’s richest person this year, Forbes estimates that his net worth as of Dec. 27 was close to $139 billion, making him the richest American.

Musk is not the only billionaire whose net worth decreased, yet this publication calls him “the biggest loser of 2022.” According to Forbes, five additional American millionaires lost the following amount in 2022.

1. Jeff Bezos

Title: Founder and chair, AmazonEstimated 2022 losses: -$80 billionNet worth: $106.8 billion as of Dec. 27

2. Mark Zuckerberg

Title: Co-founder, Meta Platforms (Facebook’s parent company)Estimated 2022 losses: -$78 billionNet worth: $42.7 billion as of Dec. 27

3. Larry Page

Title: Co-founder and board member, GoogleEstimated 2022 losses: -$40 billionNet worth: $76.8 billion as of Dec. 27

4. Phil Knight

Title: Chair, NikeEstimated 2022 losses: -$18.3 billionNet worth: $45.2 billion as of Dec. 27

5. Leonard Lauder

Name: Emeritus Chair of The Estée Lauder Companies estimated losses in 2022: 9.8 billion less $22 billion as of December 27.

In 2022, a few well-known businessmen completely vanished from the list of billionaires. Rapper Kanye West, now known as Ye, dropped out of the spotlight when Adidas severed their relationship with him on October 25 due to his persistent anti-Semitic rants, for instance.

Sam Bankman-Fried also went from being the cover star of Fortune magazine to a possible felon. After FTX declared bankruptcy on November 11, the company’s founder and former CEO, who is now facing fraud charges, suffered a massive decline in his net worth.

Grimes says Elon Musk’s 2 y/o son can identify ‘obscure rocket design’

According to his mother, Elon Musk’s two-year-old kid is likely to follow in his father’s footsteps.

The mother of two of the CEO of SpaceX’s children, Grimes, tweeted that having children in the office ought to be commonplace. “Having a baby around at work is wonderful and teaches adults so much. Win-win for everyone.”

She continued by stating that her son, X-A-12, was born in May 2020 “shadows strategy and engineering meetings. can recognize complex rocket designs and is well-versed in robots, grid fins, and entrance burns.”

Her remarks followed a report in The Washington Post that X was seen running around the San Francisco offices of Twitter while his father met with trust and safety executive Yoel Roth to talk about content moderation.

In a prior interview, Grimes said that her son would curse when his “toy rockets failed to reach orbit.”

She had written in response to a user who suggested she buy him a new toy, “He has destroyed them all because he doesn’t realize they aren’t real and so he rips off the boosters and whatnot trying to emulate a real rocket, then accuses me of trickery for giving him fake rockets and becomes inconsolable.”

“Yes, he claims that a rocket lands 200 times per day. It’s incredibly sentimental “Added she.

Musk is thought to have had 10 kids, however his first child passed away from suɗɗen infant dҽαth syndrome.

With Shivon Zilis, a senior executive at Musk’s company Neuralink, he has fathered twins, and his first child, Exa Dark Siderael, was born last December via surrogate via Grimes.

Griffin, Vivian, Kai, Saxon, and Damian are Musk’s other kids.

The People Have Spoken: Not Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg Should Sit On The Twitter Throne

Twitter  users appear to be significantly more eager to have rapper  Snoop Dogg  “run” the social media platform than the company’s current CEO,  Elon Musk , if recent polls are anything to go by.

Twitter  users appear to be significantly more eager to have rapper  Snoop Dogg  “run” the social media platform than the company’s current CEO,  Elon Musk , if recent polls are anything to go by.

What Happened:  On Monday, the rapper conducted a poll on Twitter, asking his 20.8 million followers if he should run the social media platform. And, guess what — his poll was receiving far more positive responses than the one conducted earlier by Musk.

At the time of writing, with 12 hours still left for the rapper’s poll to get over, about 81.5% had voted “yes,” with just 18.5% saying “no.”

Earlier, Musk had conducted a poll, asking if he should “step down” as the head of Twitter. When the poll ended, 57.5% voted in favor of Musk stepping down and 42.5% felt he should stay on as CEO.

Why It’s Important:  Snoop Dogg, it seems, isn’t the only one interested in being Twitter’s new CEO.

Greg, a legendary meme Twitter handle, also sent his regards to Musk via a tweet, saying don’t hesitate to reach out while choosing the new CEO.

Edward Snowden, a former intelligence contractor who gained notoriety in 2013 for leaking classified information from the National Security Agency, has also expressed interest in becoming the CEO of Twitter. He added that he would be willing to accept payment in bitcoin for the position. Snowden became famous for his actions in 2013.