Makeup artist ‘tells the harsh’ when making up for Rosé (BLACKPINK): Very strange!

BLACKPINK’s makeup artist, Lee Myung Sun, reveals why Rosé’s makeup is a particularly difficult task!

Lee Myung Sun  once had an interview with Allure Korea where she was asked about Rosé’s distinct look in the MV for her debut solo song, “On The Ground”!

One of the questions posed to her was about Rosé’s incredibly smooth and beautiful àп , and Lee Myung Sun shared in surprise how hard it was for her to perform. doing makeup for main vocal of BLACKPINK.

“Rosé’s DI is like egg whites. Her skin is amazing but it’s hard to put on makeup. Her skin is so smooth, and her pores are so tight that it looks like it’s pushing the foundation away.” —Lee Myung Sun

She then reveals how she deals with this particular issue!

“With a smooth base layer, in just a few moments, I would quickly buff it so that it adheres to Ԁɑ as quickly as possible. Touching too much actually causes Ԁɑ of the foundation to peel off, so I’m less likely to touch it.” —Lee Myung Sun.

Rosé’s makeup artist emphasizes once again that with or without makeup,  Rosé  is still a beautiful queen!


…or even with bare face, they are still beautiful and radiant

4 stories from BLACKPINK Lisa’s trainee days that every BLINK needs to know

Throughout the years, many stories have been shared about BLACKPINK’s Lisa from her trainee days, both heartwarming and hеartbrеaking.

Here are 4 stories from Lisa’s trainee days that all BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fandom) need to hear.

BLACKPINK Lisa as a trainee | YG Entertainment

1. The members helped Lisa a lot when she became a trainee

When Lisa became a trainee and moved from Thailand to Korea, she faced some difficulties. Lisa admitted that she was extremely homesick during her first few months as a trainee and that she would often call her mother and cry.

Thankfully, Lisa was able to adjust quickly and much of this was thanks to the BLACKPINK members. The members would always interact with Lisa and ask if she wanted to hang out with them.

Although Lisa still misses her parents, being with the members makes it stronger.

2. Lisa is the knight in BLACKPINK’s shining armor at their old dorm

In   24/365 With BLACKPINK , the BLACKPINK members revealed that they struggled a lot as trainees. The members barely have money for ᴍᴜᴀ food, and their old dorm is full of insects.

“We even lived with cockroaches!” – said Jenny

Lisa is the one who usually catches these bugs because the other members are too scared.

“We couldn’t even get close to her, and we just said, ‘Good job, Lisa.’ But she said, “Um, what should I do with this?” We ended up letting it out with a piece of paper.” – Jisoo said

3. Lisa succeeded in everything as a trainee

Caroline Suh  , director of the  Netflix  documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky , shared that Lisa has a bright personality and that the other members appreciate her a lot.

Caroline Suh | HanCinema

“Lisa’s personality is amazing. All the members appreciate Lisa, and all beam when talking about Lisa. Lisa seems to be the one who makes everyone feel good.” — Caroline Suh

The BLACKPINK members also told Caroline Suh that Lisa would overcome anything while they were trainees.

“And the members said that Lisa achieved everything when they were trainees. She’s funny and she knows how not to overestimate herself. So even after becoming a big star, she still loves to joke around. She has a very cool personality.” — Caroline Suh

4. Lisa was “stuck in the basement” of YG Entertainment

In an episode of   Youth With You 3 , vocal mentor  Li Ronghao  asked what everyone was doing at the age of 18 and Lisa gave an honest answer.

“When I was 18 years old? In fact, I debuted when I was 20 years old. So when I was 18, I was stuck in the basement of the company, practicing, practicing.” — Lisa said

Lisa also shared that she had doubts about her debut and planned to return home to Thailand.

“I was thinking, like, should I go back to school? Should I go back to Thailand?” — Lisa said

However, Lisa chose to move on and was finally able to debut as a member of BLACKPINK!

“But yeah, I didn’t go back. And I continued to practice until my debut.”