Man City ‘spent money’ to tie ‘club icon’: All thanks to Haaland?

Manchester City club has recently made moves to strengthen and maintain the depth of their squad by using reasonable 'money'.

Man City is gradually becoming one of Europe’s top strong teams with the possession of many famous stars. However, their signings mostly from outside teams and quite a few names come from the youth academy. If the neighbor MU is always proud of its Carrington training camp, now Man City also has the right to stand next to MU with the young talent they own – Phil Foden.


According to several sources from the British press, Phil Foden recently committed his future to Man City with a 6-year contract until the summer of 2028, and received a salary of up to £ 225,000 / week. This makes Foden one of the highest-paid young players in the world, behind a few names like Mbappe (£325,000/week) and Joao Felix (£255,000/week).


With the departure of many pillars in the squad, coach Pep Guardiola believes that Foden’s great development will allow him to carry out a rejuvenation revolution at Man City. He is on a journey to make Foden one of City’s new era icons.


In addition, according to some information, with Erling Haaland just arriving and having received a salary of £ 375,000 / week, Man City must have moves to increase Foden’s salary in order to keep him. Previously, with his great contributions to the club, Foden was only expected to receive a salary of 150,000 pounds/week.


Phil Foden from an 8-year-old talented boy of English football, has now become the pride of Man City. These are well-deserved awards that the club’s leadership gives to its best students.

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