Man United could be relegated at the end of the current season

The final standing of the 'Red Devils' in the Premier League this year has been predicted by former Manchester United defender Gary Neville

Former star Gary Neville asserted that Manchester United will only be able to place in the bottom half of the Premier League standings at season’s end. After seeing how poorly the previous squad performed in the first two rounds, the former England defender made this surprising forecast.

In the second round, Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates gave Brentford a 4-0 thrashing. Prior to that, MU got off to a bad start by losing to Brighton 2-1. “Red Devils” are now positioned at the bottom of the table with a goal difference of -5 after two rounds in which they failed to earn any points.


Rare teams in the Premier League this season without a goal are MU, West Ham, and Everton. Naturally, the result infuriated “Red Devils” supporters to the point of rage. If Coach Ten Hag does not want the “catastrophe” to continue, he is trying to convince the Board of Directors to add more rookies.

The squad is deteriorating, and several stars have outright rejected the offer made by the red side of Manchester because MU is no longer able to maintain its appeal. Even superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is considering departing, and if he locates a good stop, CR7 will likely “break his love” relationship with MU when things become too muddled.


Gary Neville claims that MU is struggling to save the “wreck ship.” Both the Old Trafford club and coach Ten Hag are facing overwhelming odds. “When I think of my cherished team, MU, I believe the future should be sealed with Ronaldo. Immediately, everything needs to be decided. When MU uses Ronaldo in the future, it will be unpleasant, Gary Neville told Sky Sports.


“The club ought to have rejected Ronaldo’s request a few weeks before to the start of the season since he made it apparent that he was unhappy. The MU did not support Ronaldo’s approach either. Why do they still want to keep Ronaldo, then? I believe MU is concerned that there won’t be someone to handle the responsibility of scoring. I believe MU will likely finish the season in the second half of the rankings given their inability to find a new striker, the MU former player said.


Of course, the Old Trafford team could experience a negative outcome if the situation cannot be remedied. Nobody anticipated that MU would have to compete in the Premier League’s relegation race. However, this situation is starting to materialize as a result of the “Red Devils'” appalling performance in the first two rounds.

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