Mаn Unιted’s fιve bιdders оrdered tо sᴜbmit tаkeover оffer аheаd оf Frιday dеadlinе

After nearly 18 years of ownership of the Premier League heavyweights, the Glazer family, who have been the target of several demonstrations from the club’s supporters, is eager to sell the business. It has been reported that there are five “serious” buyers interested in purchasing the Red Devils, one of which being a consortium of Qatari businessmen that includes Britain’s wealthiest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

However, prospective buyers have been informed that they are required to present a concise offer for the club no later than the conclusion of play on Friday.

The Glazers are alleged to have imposed the lenient deadline in an effort to hasten the process, as stated by The Daily Mail, which cites its sources.

It is reported that they want potential purchαsers to summarize their offer and the proportion of the club that they intend to buy in a single paragraph so that it can be submitted. It is also asserted that they will want proof of finances to be included to the application to demonstrate that they are serious about doing business.

Bank of commerce in the United States Raine is in charge of monitoring the process and will respond to any proposals that are submitted.

In addition to complete takeover bids, the club anticipates receiving multiple investment offers at some point in the near future.

After Raine has been provided with the offers, they will begin to narrow the pool of potential candidates down to “two or three serious contenders.” It is said that the Glazers want a staggering six bιllion pounds in order to sever their ties with United.

According to The Mail, a group of private Qatari investors are making rapid progress toward submitting their offer to purchαse the club, which they hope will be the “strongest” offer.

Sir Ratcliffe is the only person who has made his interest in purchasing United known to the general public.

It has been reported that the powerful investment institutions Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan are providing the 70-year-old with financial backing.

United will resume its regular season schedule on Sunday afternoon, when they will play the match against Leeds at Elland Road.