Man Utd captain is instantly replaced by new blockbuster?

Lisandro Martinez made an amazing start and coach Ten Hag had some nice things to say about his cherished kid

In yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Rayo Vallecano, the Argentine defender made his debut for the Red Devils. Lisandro performed flawlessly the entire time he was on the field, much to the delight of the crowd and coach Ten Hag. The former Ajax player’s excellent start put Harry Maguire, the captain and center defender, under pressure.


Harry Maguire has had a terrible season playing for manager Ralf Rangnick; he was benched at the end of the previous campaign and made mistakes each and every time he was given the chance. In the game against Vallecano last night, rookie Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Varane played together brilliantly, so Maguire must be concerned about losing his starting position at Man United the next year.


Lisandro Martinez only appeared for MU in the first half before being replaced at the start of the second, but his great stats and highly technical ball handling skills caused coach Ten Hag to become overly enthusiastic in an interview. “I think he’s a really excellent combo with Varane,” the Dutch player stated following the game. It was wonderful. They performed really well.” Lisandro is familiar with my work because we spent a lot of time together at Ajax. The Argentine defender had a 100% tackle rate and a 100% pass success rate in the final third of the field last night’s game, both of which are incredibly amazing statistics.

The Manucians have reason to be confident in the Red Devils defense going into the new season thanks in part to Lisandro Martinez’s excellent play. If Lisandro keeps blending in so effectively, it’s conceivable that he will gradually replace Maguire as the starting midfielder for the Manchester United team.

The head of Man Utd responds with interest after being reminded of De Jong.

Erik ten Hag and Frenkie de Jong collaborated at Ajax, and the two are eager to work together again at Old Trafford. Even though Man Utd and Barcelona have agreed on a price, the transaction is still not finalized.

De Jong was still hesitant to leave the Nou Camp despite Man Utd’s expressions to the contrary. De Jong prefers to stay at Barca and compete in the Champions League over the Europa League the following year. The Red Devils’ De Jong trade has been the subject of numerous updates, which have caused fans to spin like a pinwheel.


A fascinating film concerning Man Utd’s executive John Murtough, who was suggested by supporters to bring De Jong, just surfaced online. A supporter specifically yelled “Recruit De Jong!” as soon as they saw Murtough descend the stairs. Murtough’s response when he heard that was amazing. He turned his head to the crowd as he walked and grinned broadly. At the boy’s request, the other spectators started laughing as well.


The public has paid the film a lot of attention, and it is quickly becoming popular on social media. Some people believe the reviews; Murtough’s smile appears to be proof that Manchester United can lure De Jong to Old Trafford.

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