Man Utd is about to get a ‘super player’ from EPL to replace McFred

Before the pair of central midfielders McTominay and Fred played poorly, MU turned to Wilfred Ndidi of Leicester United as a direct replacement for the duo of McFred

The 1-2 loss to Brighton on the first day of the Premier League season 2022/2023 exposed all of MU’s flaws: a lack of sharp attack, a sluggish defense, and a lack of midfield, particularly position. The central midfield duo were unable to put the fans at ease. That’s not why, following the game, former ‘Red Devils’ captain Roy Keane slammed the midfield duo Fred – McTominay:


“Those two guys (Fred and McTominay) are completely incapable of making decisions, and they, of course, lack the intelligence to play in midfield, particularly Fred.”

“Bringing Manchester United back to the top? With such a mindless midfield duo, how can a team compete for the Premier League title? Every week, we witness such performances. Obviously, they clearly lack class.”

Obviously, neither Fred nor McTominay are suitable for the 6th position (interceptor), and Fred is completely incapable of playing at the bottom of the midfield due to receiving problems in rotation. return to the opponent’s goal McTominay is simply ineligible for the position.


Faced with this situation, Manchester United intends to replace the duo with an extremely talented player in Leicester City midfielder Wilfred Ndidi. Ndidi joined ‘The Foxes’ from Genk in 2017 and has steadily improved to become an important link here.

The Nigerian player possesses all of the characteristics of a top intercepting midfielder: physical strength combined with intelligent judgment, the ability to read extreme situations aggressively while not being afraid to touch, and so on. In recent years, all of the above has resulted in an extremely solid Ndidi in front of Leicester City’s goal. This is exactly what MU requires right now.


MU previously approached Ndidi, but the 25-year-old refused because he was not ready to leave Leicester City. The ‘Red Devils’ must add an interceptor midfielder, so perhaps MU will find a way to bring Ndidi back to Old Trafford. The board of Manchester United will make an offer in the coming days. The Nigerian midfielder is valued at 60 million euros on Transfermarkt.

But what if MU is unable to acquire De Jong? Will MU change targets (an unfeasible option)? Replace McFred with one of the team’s other midfielders? Or should you stick with McFred and hope for the best?


Obviously, if MU is to progress, they will require a new pair of central midfielders who are better than McFred. On the same day, MU was defeated 1-2 by Brighton in a poor performance… as is customary for McFred

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