Manchester City will not make Barcelona’s pursuit of Bernardo Silva easy

Barcelona is the team that declares it is ready to "take" the Portuguese midfielder , and Man City finally has its answer.

Man City had a very successful first two matches in the Premier League, but coach Pep Guardiola constantly left Bernardo Silva on the bench, making people skeptical about his future at the Etihad. Barcelona is the team that declares it is ready to “take” the Portuguese midfielder , and Man City finally has its answer.


Bernardo Silva has previously been Barca’s biggest target to replace in the event of De Jong’s departure. Photo: internet

According to the Mirror, Man City will not agree to sell Bernardo Silva unless a club pays more than £ 100 million for the player. This is a move to affirm the future of the Portuguese midfielder, and at the same time “frustrate” Barca when this team announced that they have enough money after the success of the 4th economic lever.

Previously, coach Pep Guardiola himself had publicly stated that he did not know Bernardo Silva’s intentions and would talk to him later. But that was a thing of the past. And now, even if the Portuguese midfielder wants to leave or Barca wants to buy, the figure of more than 100 million pounds is too difficult for any team.


It seems that the conversation between Pep Guardiola and Bernardo Silva earlier worked. Photo: internet

Last summer, Silva asked City’s permission to leave for personal reasons, with Spain being his preferred destination. However, no club can offer the £65 million asking price that Man City has asked, including Barca. And now that that number has doubled, is Blaugrana feeling more regretful than ever?


“Waiting” for too long, will Barcelona pay the price for this action? Photo: internet

In the next few days, Man City will travel to Spain to face Barcelona in a friendly match. According to the latest information, teachers and coaches Pep Guardiola will bring Bernardo Silva to prove one thing that he will not go anywhere this summer. However, the price of more than 100 million that Man City offers is not impossible, and maybe there will be a name that can afford this number, for example Barca…

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