Manchester United’s Andre Onana talks about the irate response to the Harry Maguire gaffe against Dortmund

Andre Onana criticized Harry Maguire’s shoddy defending against Borussia Dortmund, but the two remain on good terms, with Onana warning Maguire to “be ready” for his high demands moving forward.

Three minutes into the second half of Monday’s 3-2 loss in a friendly, Onana stepped on to scold Maguire for his terrible pass, which had resulted in two shots on goal for the goalie.

After the game, Onana said he and Maguire get along great, but he urged Maguire to keep his mind on the ball whenever the Cameroonian star was in goal. “I try to demand a lot from him because I know he is a good player,” Onana said to MUTV.

He’s a leader on the squad. He’s tall and skilled with the ball, so expect high demands from me. I get along well with him; he’s a terrific human being.He needs to be prepared for my high expectations when I’m in charge; I set the bar high for everyone involved, starting with myself. We can’t avoid making errors, but that’s okay, because doing so is a necessary part of growing up.

We need to be quite hard on ourselves,” he continued. As a group, we need to have high expectations if we are to succeed in gaining rewards. It’s an incredible privilege to be here, and I’m thrilled to be collaborating with such talented individuals; Harry is an outstanding player, and we’ll go far.

The 27-year-old, who was playing in just his second United game since joining the group 10 days ago in the US, said he is pleased with his performances thus far on tour but that more needs to be done offensively.

He described his excursions thusly: “It’s a major deal. It’s a lot of pressure, but I’m thrilled with my debut, my games, and my minutes. In particular, our methods of game manipulation.The last two games were losses, but we have to take that as a learning experience. I believe that we are making progress toward our goals and that everything will turn out good because of the effort we are doing at the moment.

United recently turned down West Ham’s £20 million offer for Maguire, but they are open to hearing other proposals.