Marcelo and Isco are still looking for a new club

Isco has rejected Roma because he wants to play in the Champions League, while Marcelo won't leave the top flight.

Isco and Marcelo’s near future is still on hold. Both players have been waiting all summer for an offer that will live up to their hopes, but none have come through as of yet. Both players are still without a club, with their futures up in the air, and are attempting to remain cool as they wait as we are virtually at the end of the first week of August. One thing they both agree on is that playing great football is their first priority. It’s important to note that bids from “small” leagues like the Qatari Stars League or Major League Soccer were nearly the first to come in, but weren’t accepted. Both have proposals, but they haven’t been signed. 



Although he has received less offers than his old teammate, he is nearing signing with a new club. He appeared set on a move to Sevilla, encouraged by the coach’s effusive evaluation, which came a few weeks ago. “I’m not going to conceal the fact that I adore him as a player; he’s really competitive and also a wonderful person. We’ll have to wait and see. The major disadvantage is that Sevilla’s vision is extremely different from what Director of Sport Monchi has in mind. Young athletes who can contribute to sport and the economy are given priority by him. 

In truth, Betis struck a pre-agreement with the player in the case that they qualified for the Champions League, thus Isco is a hot topic along the banks of the Guadalquivir River. But it didn’t go like that. 


Roma made the most persuasive proposition to him. According to AS, Mourinho personally phoned him to express his desire in crossing paths with him once more. The issue? Roma failed to earn a Champions League spot. Isco is adamant that he wants to compete in the best European leagues because he believes that is where he belongs. Additionally, he must be playing often in the top leagues if he hopes to play for Spain again and make Luis Enrique’s team for this year’s World Cup. The athlete declined Roma’s generous offer. 

Isco has been posting pictures of his grueling workouts that he does on his own on social media since he became a free agent. Wherever he goes next, he vows to give it his all from the start. The issue is that nothing has actually happened as of yet. 



The former captain of Real Madrid, whose future is uncertain, might be considered to be in a similar situation. He hasn’t posted anything about his daily workout routine or efforts to stay in shape while his future is being decided on his social media profiles. Although he has had several offers, he is adamant that he does not want to give up playing top football. That eliminates Qatar’s offer, which is among the finest if not the greatest. Marcelo thinks he can still compete at the highest level and that it is not yet time to move down to a lower division. 

His fellow countryman and current Real Valladolid owner Ronaldo Nazario made another persuasive argument. The José Zorrilla’s proximity to Madrid—a two-hour drive away—was a positive as Marcelo has made it known that he does not want to uproot his family from their current residence. His kid participates in the young teams of Madrid, and the rest of his family is firmly rooted in the city. 


While a transfer abroad is not entirely ruled out by this, it does have an impact on any offer he receives from the outside world. However, if he wants to play in the Champions League, he will need to leave Spain. The Brazilian full-back faces a difficult choice. Both AC Milan and Olympique Marseille have made their proposals. Additionally, Turkish teams like Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor have shown interest. 

Getafe in Spain looked into the idea of signing him, but doing so would mean leaving Europe and continuing to live in Madrid with his family. The fates of both players are still up in the air as August moves along quickly. In which city will they play next year? Isco and Marcelo are still waiting, not knowing what the future would bring. 

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