Marcus Rashford calls teammates ‘trash’ after Man United players ‘gave up’ in Liverpool defeat

Marcus Rashford, a forward for Manchester United, denied that his team “lost up” after halftime, despite conceding six second-half goals against Liverpool at Anfield. Attempting to “get the game,” he said. It seems we couldn’t decide what to do together.

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has responded angrily to claims that his team “gave up” during their 7-0 loss to Liverpool. United suffered their worst defeat since 1931, surrendering six goals in the second half at Anfield against their bitter rivals.

Rashford has defended his squad after receiving tremendous backlash for their bad performance and demeanor, sαying they played poorly but didn’t give up. “We didn’t give up, that’s nonsense,” he stated in the news conference before United’s opening leg of the Europa League quarterfinal against Real Betis.

We certainly lacked any kind of organization. We were unable to effectively communicate with one another, which led to our goals being conceded ” Simply put, I think everyone was so focused on getting back into the game that we abandoned our team’s values both in and out of possession.” As for what went so horribly wrong, Rashford said the players weren’t “in accord” on how to stop Liverpool from scoring.

“When we were pressing, it was as a front unit,” he continued. “We didn’t have any kind of connection with the midfield, and the same thing happened between the midfield and the defense.” ”

When the score was 2-0 and 3-0, we tried to regroup, but I don’t think we were on the same page. In his continuation, he said “Don’t deny it; it actually occurred. Simply put, we have no choice but to reflect on the experience and then proceed.

I’m relieved and appreciative that we have a game coming up so soon, as it gives us a chance to bounce back from our recent loss and move on.” United, who are third in the Premier League, are still in contention despite the crushing defeat. Only a week ago, the team won the Carabao Cup, and now they’re playing in the FA Cup quarterfinals.

On Thursday, the opening leg of United and Betis’ round of 16 Europa League contest will be played at Old Trafford, with the second leg set to take place seven days later at the Benito Villamarin stadium in Spain.

“Sad, but we should be grateful that the games are approaching so quickly,” Rashford remarked. We are still fιghting on all fronts and we have a lot of games left because of the values we have held since the beginning of the season ” Whenever we have a game like the one we just played against Liverpool, we want to play again as quickly as possible so that we can make amends. Hopefully, that will be possible tomorrow.”

Marcus Rashford hιts back at Man Utd critics

Although trailing by only one goal at halftime of Sunday’s Premier League match, the Red Devils υtterly imploded and allowed six consecutive goals.

Rashford told the press that the second-half performance was not the result of him and his teammates giving up on the game before United’s Europa League match against Real Betis. We didn’t give up, you idiot “- Rashford.

“The targets we gave up were due to our disorganization and poor communication. Yet, I think everyone was wanting to get back into the game so much that we strayed from the team’s fundamentals in and out of possession.”

“It seemed like the forwards were pressing as a unit, but they weren’t linked up with the midfield. The same is true for the midfield and the back line.

When we were down 2-0 and 3-0, we were chatting, but I don’t think we were really in agreement about what to do, so we were having a hard time regaining control of the game.

United will look to get back on track in the coming week with victories over Real Betis and Southampton.