Mass layoffs, Elon Musk is begging some Twitter employees to go back to work

Some said the company explained that they were fired by mistake. Others say the company’s management is only now realizing that their experience and talent are essential to Twitter’s future growth. However, all of these employees are required to remain anonymous when sharing with the media.

The move comes after Twitter laid off nearly 3,700 employees via email as a way to cut costs following Musk’s $44 bιllιon acquisition. The employees said they lost access to the company’s systems. Still, the fact that Twitter immediately asked those fired to return showed how rushed and chaotic the process was.

At the moment, a Twitter spokesperson has not yet issued an official response.

Last weekend, talking about Twitter’s plan to cut employees, Elon Musk said: “Unfortunately, Twitter’s staff reduction is not possible when the company is losing more than 4 million USD / day.”

Twitter has nearly 3,700 employees left. Musk is trying to push those who stay to realize new features quickly. Some employees even had to sleep in the office to be able to complete the work according to the deadlines set by Musk.

Over the weekend, Twitter also launched a new Twitter Blue subscription, which grants a green tick to any user who pays $8/month. The company also says it will roll out other features soon, including longer videos, higher priority ratings in search, and more.

However, on November 6, US media reported that Twitter would postpone their policies with a green tick until after the midterm elections on November 8. The reason given was that Twitter users and staff were concerned that the scheme could potentially be abused to sow discord.

Immediately after Elon Musk took over Twitter and announced a series of landmark changes, many major brands simultaneously suspended advertising on Twitter. There are many reasons given but they all seem to be directly or indirectly related to the richest man in the world.

General Motors, Volkswagen and Audi, Tesla’s competitors, have stopped spending money on Twitter ads. Several other major companies, such as Pfizer, have also stopped advertising campaigns on the social network. They fear potential threats to their brand when Musk takes ownership of Twitter.

It is this that has led Elon Musk to admit that advertising revenue is plummeting. He blamed a group of activists who were “pressing” advertisers. However, this won’t change Musk’s approach to Twitter.