Messi is fed up with the ‘power’ battle at PSG, returning to Barca in January?

Lionel Messi originally came to PSG because there was no better option. But the situation at the French team was more complicated than "El Pulga" expected, and now he was forced to think about leaving.

Lionel Messi left  Barcelona summer 2021 in tears. And then, he came to PSG, the most likely destination in the context of Man City having recruited Jack Grealish £ 100 million.


Messi may leave PSG, due to the complicated situation of this team

However, the 2021/22 season for Messi personally is a great disappointment. After 34 matches in all competitions, “Leo” has only 11 goals, including 6 goals in Ligue 1. This poor performance makes Messi stand out of the 2022 Golden Ball race, not making it to the first time. the list of nominees from 2005 to present.

And yet, it was not until PSG that Messi discovered that this is a loosely structured team. There, the Qatari owners know almost nothing about football, and their ways are really lacking in foundation. Just look at how PSG kept Kylian Mbappe in the crazy contract recently.


Moreover, PSG’s internals are in turmoil. The dispute for influence between Neymar and Mbappe makes the owner of 7 Golden Ball titles even more frustrated.

During his years in  Barca, Messi has never had to dispute his influence with anyone, simply because this place considers him as a lord. But at the Park of the Princes, Messi is only the number 3 important figure, even worse than that.


On TV channel El Chiringuito, legend Lobo Carrasco – who played for Barca for 11 years, confirmed that Messi is looking to return to Barcelona. The remaining time of the 2022 summer market is still there, but of course it is too difficult for Barca and Messi to complete a spectacular return.

But according to legend Lobo Carrasco, the period from now to January next year will be the most specific answer for the possibility of Messi returning to Barca. If “El Pulga” renews his contract with PSG, from now until January next year, he will have to sit at the negotiating table. And if Messi wants to return to the old place, of course the Argentine superstar refuses the proposal of the Paris team.


The contract between Messi and PSG is only valid until next summer. If he doesn’t want to stay in France, then next year he can return to the  Catalunya  team with the same freedom as the day he left here.

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