Messi received a bitter defeat in the Champions League, Argentinians were sᴜԀԀenly overjoyed

In recent times, the Argentinians have an extremely uncomfortable attitude when it comes to PSG. The reason is not because of the competition of the two football fields of Argentina and France at the last World Cup but because of the treatment of the French media for Messi, their national treasure.

Accordingly, recently the famous L’Equipe newspaper of the mainland gave Messi 3 points after PSG lost to Bayern and was eliminated from the C1 Cup. This number is only above the player who made a mistake leading to a goal, which is Verratti.

This made the Argentine press angry because Messi was always underestimated and often became the focus of criticism after every PSG defeat.

Messi was rated 3 by L’Equipe in the match PSG lost to Bayern

Sharing on ESPN, famous journalist and presenter in Argentina, Sebastián Vignolo asserted that the French were treating Messi badly.

“Don’t give me L’Equipe articles, I don’t care. I don’t watch them. A well-known media agency gives Messi 3 points… I don’t think PSG deserve a player like Messi. They are. don’t know how to take advantage of him, and he’s not happy. For them, only Mbappe is important.”

In the same opinion, Ole said that the French press has a habit of targeting Messi after each PSG defeat instead of others.

Messi lost in defeat to Bayern Munich

In response, the Tango newspaper cited bad statistics that showed that the Ligue 1 champions had only passed the 1/8 round of the C1 Cup twice in the past 7 years, since Leo had not arrived. Thereby, they confirmed that the reason for the failure could only be the weakness of PSG in the continental arena instead of blaming Messi.

Obviously, the Argentine media is delighted with this defeat of PSG, as a price to pay for the unfair treatment of Messi. Another country’s newspaper, La Nacion, even called for El Pulga to leave PSG to return to play to be treated fairly.

Argentine media gloated over PSG’s defeat for unfair treatment of Messi

“Contrary to what is often seen in other eliminations, Messi did not look very sad today after losing to Bayern. Does he really want to stay at PSG? To be happy, Messi should return to Argentina to play in the future, where there is always the love of the people.”

Messi’s contract with PSG is only valid until this June and the two sides have not yet reached an agreement to continue. Despite affirming happiness in Paris, being eliminated early from the Champions League two years in a row is said to have a great impact on the 35-year-old superstar’s final decision.

Threɑtened by fans, PSG took action to protect Messi

Goal reported that PSG tried to make peace with the home fan group to avoid Lionel Messi receiving boos in the match against Rennes in the 28th round of Ligue 1.

The above source said that the PSG leadership is rebuilding a good relationship with the team’s ultra group. Therefore, the PSG fan group will give up their intention to ɑttack Messi in the upcoming confrontɑtion with Rennes.

On March 18, it was reported that the ultra PSG group would hold a protest aimed at Leo. “We are going to whistle Messi this Sunday. He has a salary that is too high for his contribution on the pitch,” a member of the PSG ultra team told Mundo Deportivo.

PSG fans are slowly turning away from Messi.

The 2022 World Cup winner with Neymar was criticized and considered the cause of the Paris club’s defeat to Bayern Munich in the round of 16 of the Champions League. However, Messi is one of the best-performing players in PSG this season. After 31 matches in all competitions, M10 scored 18 goals and contributed 17 assists.

On March 18, L’Equipe said that Messi was absent from PSG’s training session before the match against Rennes. According to 90min, El Pulga has regularly had knee and calf problems this season. The ability of M10 to play in the match against Rennes is still open.

In the pre-match press conference, coach Christopher Galtier shared about the extension with Messi: “It is still early to talk about this. We have discussed a lot in the past time. Everything will be decided when the parties. find a common voice. Messi is happy at PSG.”