Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro Physique Change Has NBA Twitter Buzzing

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro posted on social media on Saturday that he appeared to have put on a lot of muscle.

NBA Twitter users have reacted strongly to this picture. Others are making hypothetical trade situations including Herro while some are making jokes about his change.

The Brooklyn Nets are a popular destination amid Herro trade speculations. There may be discussions between the Nets, Heat, and Portland Trail Blazers, according to reports, suggesting a possible three-team trade scenario. Some fans have been having lighthearted fun while participating in these debates regarding Herro maybe joining the Trail Blazers.

These jokes frequently refer to the idea that Herro might not want to join the Blazers as a player. Additionally, there are rᴜmors that Portland is not keen on getting him in exchange for Damian Lillard. Fans are aware that any move involving Herro will need the participation of a third team.

It’s important to note, though, that the Heat fan base feels conflicted about the Herro trade speculations. While they recognize the benefit of signing a superstar like Damian Lillard, many supporters cherish his contributions as the team’s third-leading scorer last season. As much as Miami’s supporters would prefer to keep Herro, they appear to agree that adding Lillard to their squad would greatly improve their chances of contending for a championship.

NBA executives and agents believe Damian Lillard will eventually land with Miami Heat

The process may be taking longer than anybody involved would want, but according to reports, NBA agents and executives still think Damian Lillard will end up with the Miami Heat. On his podcast, Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic stated, “I’ve spoken to a lot of agents and have spoken to several executives with other teams, and it’s what everyone is talking about.” And there just seems to be a general consensus that Miami will eventually figure out a way to put the pieces together to get Damian Lillard there, at some time.

More than a week has passed since Lillard eventually asked the Portland Trail Blazers for a trade, and almost a month has passed since the Miami Heat’s season came to an end with a defeat to the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals. Throughout the offseason, there have been ruᴜmors linking Lillard to the Heat, with the 32-year-old making it known that he wants to settle in Miami.

The Trail Blazers’ somewhat inflexible demand for at least a palatable return—which the Heat might not be able or willing to provide—could be holding things back. Portland is apparently looking for a sizable package of players and draft selections, and Miami hasn’t yet made the team a solid enough offer, according to reports.

To make a Lillard deal happen, the parties might be seeking for at least one additional team and possibly numerous clubs to join involved.

Despite the fαct that some Eastern Conference rivals are concerned about the Heat’s potential with Lillard on board, there haven’t been many rᴜmors of other clubs seeking to sign him. That might be the case given that Lillard’s agent has made it apparent that his client would be miserable anywhere other than Miami.

Lillard delayed making his request until after the start of free agency, even though leaving Portland seemed likely even before that. Both parties may gain from a deal involving the Heat and Trail Blazers, with Miami gaining another star to go along with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo in an effort to make another run at the NBA title and Portland gaining assets to begin a reαl rebuild.

In order to adequately replace Gabe Vincent and Max Strus, who left for the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers, respectively, this offseason, the Heat are currently largely reliant on acquiring Lillard. Miami is currently watching the situation to see if it can eventually add some seasoned reinforcements, with Danilo Gallinari being one of those players on its radar.

If the gossip in the league is to be believed, the Heat shouldn’t have anything to worry about; the hardest part may be waiting.