Military unit shows favors to BTS’s Jin on enlistment day

According to information from Korean media outlets, the military unit will take measures to ensure safety during Jin’s official enlistment at the military training center. The military agency has worked with the fire department, police and related units to increase security to prevent incidents that may arise due to the large number of fans.

On December 13, the BTS member will officially enlist in the army. The male singer asked fans not to go to the military training site. Jin is expected to enlist along with 200 recruits. Only enlisted people and their families are allowed in and out of this training center.

According to Allkpop, local police sent 27 riоt police to the training center, with officers who can speak several different languages. The Yoncheon District Office also sent 60 employees to work to prevent illeg̵al trading activities. Emergency medical services are also available at the site where Jin enlisted.

Jin will attend the training camp of a front-line army division in Yeoncheon, 60 kilometers north of Seoul. The place where Jin enlisted is one of the coldest areas in the North of Korea. The temperature here once dropped to -20 degrees Celsius in 2021. After undergoing a 5-week basic training program, Jin will officially enlist in a local unit.

Image of Jin (BTS) preparing to enlist in the army

The image of BTS’s eldest brother shaved his head before his enlistment caught the attention of the online community. Many viewers regret that idols have to enlist in the army for 1.5 years.

On December 11, through BTS’s fan communication community – Weverse, Jin posted a photo of a haircut before enlistment with the caption, “Cute than I thought”. In the selfie photo, BTS’ eldest brother attracts attention with his handsome facial features despite wearing a picky hairstyle, according to  Nate  .

“It’s true that a beautiful person is also beautiful when shaved”, “Very handsome. Goodbye Jin”, “It hurts to see Jin enlist but he still captivates me even when he is shaved”… fan comments under the BTS member’s post.

Jin posted a photo of his hair cut before enlistment on Weverse. Photo: Weverse.

Jin officially enlisted on December 13 as an active-duty soldier at a center for recruits in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The male idol will undergo basic military training for 5 weeks before being assigned to his army unit.

When the date and location of his enlistment was геvеаleɗ last month, Jin posted an article on Weverse to confirm the information with fans, and asked fans not to come see him off to avoid affecting those around him. around.

“ARMY (BTS fandom name) ah, you shouldn’t go to the training center. There are many people beside me. Moreover, you may be in Ԁanger if the place is too crowded,” Jin wrote.

Jin is the first member of BTS to do his military service. In October, Jin announced his plans to enlist after BTS completed the  Yet To Come  concert in Busan. In early November, he applied to the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) to rescind his request to postpone his enlistment.

His decision put an end to the long debate in Korea. The Korean Ministry of National Defense also expressed the view that they will create conditions for BTS to practice and perform for the national interest without affecting the process of performing their duties.

Recently, the event that Jin appeared at the wedding of T-ara member Jiyeon attracted the attention of many viewers. He also promptly released the solo song  “The Astronaut”  featuring Coldplay. According to  Hanteo Chart  ,  The Astronaut  sold a total of 700,954 copies on its first day of release. Notably, the vocalist of BTS achieved this achievement after only 8 hours.