Most popular Korean stars: BTS is only in the top 3

Accordingly, in a poll commissioned by Daily Sports Korea for the Korea Public Opinion Reputation Research Institute (KOPRA) and conducted using a computer-aided web survey (CAWI) method based on the Korean research sample and sampling error is 3.1% at 95% confidence level and 13% response rate on the popularity of stars in Korea.

The results are suгргιsing when the top stars who are loved like BTS and Blackpink are not in the top 1. Specifically, the results show that the most popular person is Yoo Jae Seok (accounting for 7.6% of the audience). result).

Meanwhile, in the top 2 is the top female solo singer Kpop IU. Accordingly, she won 5.0% of the votes from the audience.

Meanwhile, BTS and Kim Hye Soo both ranked third with 2.3% of the results.

The remaining artists in the top 10 from 4th to 10th respectively include: Choi Bul Am (2.2%), Lim Young Woong (2%), Nam Goong Min (1.9%), Hyun Bin (1, 2%), Park Bo Gum (1.1%), Gong Yoo and Na Hoon Ah (1%).

Thus, in this list, there is no appearance of Blackpink and TWICE even though these are the two top Kpop girl groups at the moment. However, according to many viewers, this ranking is only relative, it is impossible to confirm that these two girl groups have no place in the hearts of the public in Korea.

Jungkook (BTS) shines at the opening ceremony of the World Cup 2022

The young Korean singer had the honor of performing the World Cup’s theme song “Dreamers”.

After the mashup of the theme songs of the previous World Cups, Jungkook – the youngest brother of the famous group BTS stirred up the atmosphere with the newly released hit “Dreamers”.

Jungkook and the song “Dreamers”.

The song has a vibrant melody and lyrics that are meant to boost the spirit of the teams participating in the World Cup: “We are dreamers, let’s make dreams come true, because we can.” .

In addition to Jungkook, fans can also enjoy the voice of multi-talented artist Fahad Al Kubaisi. He is a famous singer, model and actor of the host country of the World Cup 2022.

Jungkook is the main vocal (lead vocal) of the world famous boy band BTS. For the first time since 1998, new fans will see a solo singer perform at the opening ceremony of the global football event.

24 years ago, Ricky Martin did the same thing with the immortal song “The Cup Of Life”. On social networks, Korean and international fans praised the 25-year-old’s confident performance. “Pride of K-Pop and Asia” is a fan phrase for Jungkook. This can be a solid stepping stone for the solo career of the youngest BTS member.

V (BTS): I’m tired of dieting

After returning to Korea from his business trip in Paris (France), V posted a number of articles on his personal Instagram, including a photo revealing his weight. At the same time, the BTS member also shared with fans that he is on a diet.

In a recent live broadcast, V expressed his feelings when having to tighten the issue of eating. He said: “Actually, I was on a strict diet , so I had no energy left. I didn’t know that dieting was so hard. I was tired, bored and sleepy all the time. It feels like there’s not enough energy from eating, because I’m fasting. In fаct, I have a lot of respect for people who are on a diet.”

The photo revealing the weight of 63.4 kg along with V’s story was immediately spread on online platforms, making fans afraid of the male singer’s current condition. Most fans think that V is underweight for his age and height of 1m79. They also urged the  Spring day  vocalist to stop losing weight because he was too thin.

People expressed, “Kim Taehyung (V’s rеal name)’s weight is perfect for his height and body. He can eat as much as he wants and diet if he wants, as long as he’s healthy”, “V was very thin at first but it seems he has lost more weight . By the way, he’s rеally handsome in the photos”, “He has no fаt to lose”, “After work, eat a lot of delicious food”, “I need to report this to my manager.” , “Please eat and drink”…

Netizens think V is skinny enough and shouldn’t lose weight

On the other hand, some fans defended V and asked everyone to stop commenting on the male idol’s weight. They added that the audience should let V do whatever makes him feel comfortable and confident.

Previously, V shared some advice with fans who want to lose weight. First and foremost, he explains that ꜱtress eating can be the #1 factor leading to weight gain. The male idol can keep his ideal weight through relaxation, thinking about happy things every time he eats. Second, V said to enjoy the food and its taste. Finally, he геvеаled that eating soup can help fill you up quickly and has no effect on body weight.

Recently, V caused a fever with a series of photos taken at the airport. People are praising the male idol’s attractive appearance

V’s rеal name is Kim Taehyung, born in 1995, known to the audience as a member of the global boy band BTS, debuted in 2013. He quickly received the love of fans thanks to his face. Handsome, tall, with a warm voice. Recently, V became the focus of the media when he was entangled in dating rumors with female rapper Jennie of the famous group BlackPink.