Mourinho reacted like Ronaldo’s when AS Roma opened the Europa League final score

Coach Mourinho had an ᴜnexpected reaction that reminded him of Ronaldo after Roma opened the scoring in the Champions League final against Sevilla.

Entering the Europa League final 2023, as expected, AS Roma actively gave up the game to Sevilla to play counter-attack and wait for loopholes from the opponent.

Reasonable play, their disciplined defense broke every phase of the Andalusian team’s ball. Not only good defense, Roma also attacked extremely when only two shots but 100% hit the goal, one of which went into the net.

It was a two-touch combination that sent the ball from the middle of the field to the goal between Mancini and Dybala. The impressive goal of the 2022 World Cup champion immediately blew up the Puskas Arena bridge.

But the reaction of coach Jose Mourinho after the home team opened the scoring was quite sᴜrprising. Instead of cheering with the coaching staff, he was not very excited.

Mourinho was not very excited about Dybala’s opening goal

The Portuguese strategist then put his hand down as if to tell everyone “Calm down”. The new score is 1-0 and this is a European Cup final and anything can happen.

Mourinho’s reaction reminds people of the “Calma Calma” celebration of his old favorite Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring against Barca in the 2011/12 season, then led by the “Special One”.

Celebrating Ronaldo’s famous “Calma Calma”

Specifically, it was the goal to set a 2-1 victory for Los Blancos at Camp Nou. After putting the ball in the net, Ronaldo ran back to the corner of the stands where many Barca fans were gathered, pointed to his chest and then put his hand down to signal silence.

Returning to Mourinho, he was right when he was not in a hurry to celebrate because at the beginning of the second half, Roma was equalized by Sevilla. Sadly, it was an own goal from central defender Mancini, who set up the opening goal in the first half.

The two teams drew 1-1 after extra time and had to decide the winner in a penalty shootout. Here, the team from La Liga showed more bravery and won 4-1, thereby extending the record of winning the C2 Cup to 7 times.