‘Setting up a clаsh’: Musk takes on Apple’s power

Written by Tripp Mickle and Kate Conger

“@tim cook, what’s going on here?” Elon Musk tweeted Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday, starting a spat between the richest man in the world and the most valuable public company in the world.

Musk, the new owner of Twitter, accused Apple of threatening to remove the app from the App Store in a series of tweets that spanned 15 minutes. This would prevent some potential new users from installing the app. Musk claimed that Apple would not provide an explanation for why Twitter would be disabled, which would amount to censorship. He further stated that Apple had cut back on Twitter advertising.

Apple has largely stopped running Twitter ads. Is free speech in America despised by them? On Monday, Musk wrote.

Musk sparked a power struggle with Cook with his remarks since Cook has enormous sway over other tech companies due to Apple’s dominance. Due to his ownership of Twitter, which he acquired last month for $44 bιllιon, Musk now has a stake in Apple’s influence. Everywhere in the world, people with iPhones and iPads use Twitter, which is available through the Apple App Store. Musk hinted in a tweet that he was prepared for “wаг” with Apple.

Since taking over Twitter, Musk has been prepared to challenge Apple. His business strategy is based on increasing the reliance on subscription sales over advertising as a source of revenue. But Apple will continue to practice taking up to a 30% cut of any new subscription revenue.

Additionally, Musk’s accusations come at a crucial time for Apple. Several antitrust measures are being advanced in Congress during the last few months of the year. The Open App Markets Act, which aims to give developers more control over their programs and enable them to avoid the fees that Apple and Google demand, is one of the laws being considered.

According to Gene Munster, managing partner of Loup Ventures, a technology research company, “Elon is the newest chapter in an effort to make App Store costs cheaper, and this will resuscitate a topic that’s been rather quiet over the past six months.” He predicted that app store costs would drop to roughly 20% in the future.

The New York Times published the original version of this article.

Elon Musk invited ‘old Tesla rival’ to come work for Twitter with just an ‘only comment line’

Many Twitter employees have elected to remain silent, refusing to respond to Elon Musk’s communications, and accept the company’s offer to quit.

Elon Musk has made numerous moves to reform the operation of Twitter since officially taking over, including changing many key leadership positions and implementing mass layoffs.

Elon Musk chose to lay off more than half of Twitter’s 7,500 staff in early November. Not content with that, this billionaire recently wrote an email to Twitter employees, requesting that they chose whether to accept high-intensity work or be dismissed. Those who do not answer to Musk’s emails will be allowed to depart.


In light of this, George Hotz (nicknamed geohot) backed Musk’s stern ultimatum to Twitter employees. He was immediately appointed as the CEO of this new social networking site at work.

As a result, in this ultimatum, Twitter’s CEO asked staff to work “extended hours with great intensity” or leave the company. Hotz previously stated that “this is the attitude that makes remarkable things” and that he is eager to intern with the organisation. “Sure, let’s chat,” Musk responded quickly.

George Hotz is currently on a 12-week “internship” at Twitter. He stated that he is working on improving Twitter’s search feature. Hotz stated in a post that tools that supplement the search function will become easier to use, and users will no longer need to enter the exact text they want to find.

Sony considers a 17-year-old who cracked the iPhone to be an “enemy.”

At the age of 17, George Hotz made history when he became the first person to successfully jailbreak Apple’s iPhone.

George Hotz unscrewed the screws on his iPhone with an eyeglass screwdriver. Then he quickly found what he was looking for: the baseband chip, which limits this phone’s carrier compatibility.

The original iPhone was quickly conquered and could work with any carrier thanks to some hardware tricks and a piece of software on the computer that Hotz programmed himself.

Three years later, he was still hacking Sony’s PlayStation 3, allowing the game to be played without copyright and without the original disc.

Sony, the electronics company, sued him in early 2011. Following the filing of the lawsuit, the infamous hacking group Anonymous exploited the occasion to rally behind Hotz, unleashing a large-scale αttαck against Sony. The ramifications of the Sony hacks have caused significant damage to the Japanese electronics company.

Even after Anonymous started an αttαck on Sony, several other hacking organisations responded, causing Sony to endure 20 continuous αttαck s and enter the system in less than two months.

Tesla’s old rival

Hotz formerly worked at the driver-assist technology business Comma.ai and was going to launch a new company producing software for AI chips before joining Twitter.

Comma.ai develops driver-assist technology that can be added into existing vehicles, as opposed to Tesla vehicles that include driver-assist technology. Tesla has criticised Comma.ai and Hotz’s work, stating that “it is exceedingly implausible that an individual or even a small corporation, lacking considerable technological competence, could construct an automatic steering system.”

Despite this, Comma.ai is currently offering a driver-assistance kit for the price of $1,999. The company claims that the device is compatible with over 200 different types of existing vehicles. According to TechCrunch, the company is working on transforming the toolkit into a consumer product at the present time.

In a piece that was published by Bloomberg in 2015, Hotz stated that he had considered joining Tesla, but the idea was scrapped after Elon Musk made multiple changes to the conditions of the transaction. Hotz responded to Musk’s offer by saying, “I appreciate it.”