Naomi Campbell was gifted the environmentally-friendly Horus-Eye house for her 41st birthday by her billionaire Russian boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin

For her 41st birthday, Naomi Campbell received a remarkable gift from her billionaire Russian boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin: the Horus-Eye house, known for its eco-friendly design and luxurious amenities. This stunning architectural marvel, nestled in a picturesque location, reflects Doronin’s appreciation for both Campbell’s discerning taste and her commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Horus-Eye house is not just a residence but a symbol of innovative design and eco-conscious living. Its sustainable features include energy-efficient systems, renewable materials, and a harmonious integration with its natural surroundings.

Designed to minimize environmental impact without compromising on luxury, the house embodies Doronin’s thoughtful gesture towards Campbell.

As a supermodel and global icon known for her elegance and influence in the fashion industry, Campbell’s birthday gift underscores her status as a trendsetter in both fashion and lifestyle. The Horus-Eye house provides her with a serene retreat, blending modern architecture with sustainable living principles. Its spacious interiors and panoramic views offer a sanctuary where Campbell can unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Beyond its architectural brilliance, the gift from Doronin to Campbell symbolizes their deep bond and his appreciation for her presence in his life. It reflects his desire to provide her with a home that not only meets her high standards of luxury but also aligns with her values of environmental stewardship.