‘NBA Fashion King’ – Let’s take a look at Jimmy butler’s impressive NBA outfits in Pennsylvania

As the Miami Heat continue to maintain their position as the third seed in the Eastern Conference, Jimmy Butler is getting ready for the postseason. He is focusing his attention, and in the meantime, he is retraining and selecting his outfits.

A player’s off-court style and general appearance can be highly important in today’s NBA, where personal branding can mean the difference of millions of dollars when it comes to contract negotiations.

You probably wouldn’t think of Jimmy Butler, a native of Texas who enjoys listening to country music, when you think of a stylish NBA player; nevertheless, over the course of the past several years, he has garnered some attention from the design industry that is well earned.


It all started in Chicago early on in his career when he started going to and from the stadium wearing cowboy boots—not for trendy ironic reasons, but rather because he actually liked them. Then, in 2015, Butler rocked the footwear world by switching from adidas to Jordan Brand and taking a 75% pay cut in the process.

But for him, the change was more about his own preferences and style than it was about the money. Following that, the four-time NBA All-Star was spotted having fun with other NBA players during Paris Fashion Week and was profiled in vintage magazines like Vogue and GQ.

Jimmy gives us a tour of his Pennsylvania house in this episode of HYPEBEAST Visits, which also features interviews with Mesut zil and Nick Young. Jimmy also shares his own style and fashion philosophy. Along the way, we meet his longtime stylist, Khalilah Beavers, and get to see his enormous clothing and footwear collection.