Netizens notice adorable detail about BTS’s solo photos with Jin rҽvҽaling sibling dynamic

Between 2010 and 2012, the members of BTS joined BIGHIT MUSIC (previously BigHit Entertainment), forging a 10-year brotherhood as they faced the hardships and pains of starting under a tiny company and established a new route for K-Pop artists as they grew to become international superstars.

As the members have reveаled in interviews and lyrics, their unique experience has been alienating and unpleasant at times, but it also has many gratifying moments. At the end of the day, the only people who could really understand the exceptional circumstances and success the members have encountered are each other.

This shared experience has created a family-like tie among the participants, as evidenced by their considerate and kind behavior toward one another.

The members rallied to see their hyung off at Jin’s military entrance ceremony, with BTS’s V even flying back to Korea from his international itinerary to attend.

In their final moments together before Jin’s enlistment, the members showered Jin with love and affection. They even refused Jin’s offer to wait in the car owing to the cold weather, braving the elements to enjoy every moment with him.

At the training center, the members took group shots before taking time for each member to pose for their own special portrait with Jin.


The Bangtan Bomb video highlighted the behind-the-scenes process of creating the images, and netizens remarked on how each member’s posture with Jin matched their family relationship.

Each BTS member has at least one sibling, and their poses represent their siblings’ roles comically.

1. Has an older sister

J-Hope is the only member of BTS that has an elder sister, and the two have an extremely close relationship. J-close Hope’s hug with Jin in the shot was classic “little brother” behavior.

2. Has an older brother

Jin, Jungkook, and Suga are all brothers. They posed with Jin as if they were a little sibling being urged to stand still for a picture with their older brother. The Bangtan Bomb video shows that a “staged shot” was far from the fаct, as the members were simply filled with emotion and wаnted to remain strong.

3. Has a younger sister

V of BTS has a younger brother and sister, while RM has a little sister, and the two are passionately protective of their younger siblings. RM and V turned their heads toward Jin with the affection of a protective, caring, and stoic older brother, despite the fаct that they’re both dongsaengs to him.

4. Has a younger brother

BTS’s Jimin has a younger brother in addition to V! A photo of Jimin, V, and Jin was an adorable blend of an adoring elder brother and a cute younger brother making faces and taking many pictures together.

The original poster (OP), who mentioned the family dynamics, added that they take photos with their oppa in the same way, and netizens couldn’t agree more, finding BTS’s stances relatable and sweet.

More information on the siblings of the BTS members may be found in the article below!