New Man Utd signee displays leadership skills with insightful reaction to query

Andre Onana demonstrated his personality by brilliantly responding to a question in an interview by defending his colleagues.

The new goalkeeper for Manchester United has already demonstrated that he is a great personality in the net, acting as Erik ten Hag on the field.


He confronted Harry Maguire, so it was obvious from the first game that he would put a lot of pressure on the defense and wouldn’t let bad defending go unpunished.

He has recently attacked his other defenders as well, demonstrating that he treats everyone equally.

But the captain of Old Trafford demonstrated his leadership abilities in a different way in a press conference ahead of Manchester United’s match against Bayern Munich.

Andre Onana demonstrates his leadership skills.

Andre Onana has conceded a lot more goals lately than he would have liked to.

Even though most of these were the defenders’ fault, Onana won’t blame them for the mistakes.

You have allowed 10 goals, and I know it’s not your fault, the interviewer said when approaching Onana during a tv2sport interview.

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With a hand on the interviewer’s shoulder, Onana stopped him there and told him: “No, we are all in this together. Together, we succeed and fail. If we maintain a clean slate, it benefits us all. My teammates put in a lot of effort, so if somebody is going to point the finger, it has to be at me since I’m the goalkeeper.

A clever answer to a question meant to trip him up, which instead gave him the opportunity to establish himself as a leader.

The required personality type

The attitude shown here is greatly appreciated given the prevailing perception that Manchester United is surrounded by a negative mindset.

Onana is content to take all the blame if it will benefit his comrades and refuses to give in to pressure to place the blame elsewhere in order to save himself.

Given the lack of responsibility the last goalie displayed, this approach will be incredibly helpful for United.

Onana speaks with confidence, which is fantastic to see from our perspective. We can only imagine how pleased the defenders are with his reaction.