New MV Ready for Love of BLACKPINK is plagiarizing from aespa?

Some netizens have pointed out that the details in BlackPink's new MV "Ready For Love" have many similarities with the concept of aespa.

On July 29, after a long wait, BlackPink finally released the MV Ready For Love  as a work that paved the way for a grand comeback in August. As soon as it was released,  Ready For Love  quickly achieved many remarkable achievements on music charts and became the most liked K-Pop girl group MV since the beginning of 2022.

However, along with impressive achievements,  Ready For Love  is equally controversial when it has many similarities with the concept of girl group aespa.


“Ready For Love” achieved many impressive achievements

Specifically, a netizen created a new topic with the title “Is BlackPink plagiarizing aespa?” and posted to online forums. In this thread, netizens have attached some images cut from BlackPink’s recent MV Ready For Love , as well as various album concepts performed by aespa. When compared side by side, many elements appear to be duplicated.










Some details in Ready For Love are said to have many similarities with the concept of aespa

Some netizens, after referring to the above topic, were surprised at the similarity between BlackPink’s MV and aespa’s concept:

“Basically the same concept as aespa.”

“I’m not a fan of both, but the pictures do look alike.”

“Honestly, they are identical.”

“For some reason, when I watch Jennie’s CG version, I keep thinking of Karina.”

However, some other netizens objected to this view. On the forums, they left comments like:

“But aespa imitated BlackPink first”.

“I think aespa is imitating.”

“Why do you say BlackPink copied aespa. It’s a song made for a game, so it’s understandable that they use similar graphics.”

“I don’t think you can say that BlackPink copied just because the characters have black hair, blonde hair and short hair. Those are the usual hairstyles.”


Netizens are currently arguing about this issue




Aespa members with digital versions of themselves

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