New York Yankees fans ‘feel sick’

New York Yankees fans ‘feel sick’ after $20m new sponsor is announced ‘ruining the most iconic jersey in sports’

The Yankees announced on Wednesday that a Starr Insurance insignia will be added to their iconic pinstriped player uniforms. On the left sleeve of the garments, the company’s logo will be displayed.

In a recent tweet, Yankees superstars Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole were shown donning the controversial new uniforms.

According to the Yankees, the Starr Insurance sponsorship agreement will last until 2031.

Since 2018, when the company was named the official insurance of the historic franchise, the parties have maintained a relationship.

However, supporters of the New York franchise dislike the addition of the jersey.

One person stated, “That is absolutely repulsive.”

Someone else wrote, “Disgraceful.” A third observer stated, “I feel sick.”

And a fourth commented, “This is ruining the most iconic jersey in sports.”

It is the first time that the Yankees have featured an advertisement on their uniform.

In 2022, Major League Baseball permitted teams to sell sponsorship insignia for the first time.

The Yankees have joined eleven other teams with sponsorship agreements for jersey patches.

Among the eleven teams are the New York Mets, whose logo for New York Presbyterian Hospital was changed earlier this season due to nҽgative public feedback regarding the color scheme.

When the Yankees host the Kansas City Royals on July 22, they will introduce the Starr Insurance jersey patch.

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