NEWS: Lakers Make a Rιsky Offer to Trade for Hawks’ Clint Capela

A player needs two things to do well in the NBA: ability and chances. Those two things don’t always go together. There are times when a skilled player doesn’t get a chance. That usually means that a better player is ahead of them. 

Please look at Onyeka Onkongwu of the Atlanta Hawks. It was luck that Onkongwu was picked. He looks like a straight-up modern switch big. He hasn’t had many chances to do that in Atlanta, though. For his whole career, Okongwu has always been behind Clint Capela in the team’s rotation. 

Still, the Hawks gave him a deal anyway. It makes you wonder if the Hawks see Onkongwu as their next big man. They might want to move Capela if they do.

Might they be able to send him to the LA Lakers? 


NBA Trade Offer: The Los Angeles Lakers Get It John Clint Capela

The Atlanta Hawks Get: F It’s Rui Hachimura, G/F Reddish Cam 

The Los Angeles Lakers Get: C John Clint Capela

Players can, on the other hand, waste their chances. While they were younger, we might have thought they were pretty good. It’s possible that we were wrong. 

Look at Cam Reddish. He started his career with the Hawks. When they picked him in the draw, they thought he might become a big star in the future. To get that high in Atlanta, Reddish would never get there. I meаn, he must not be getting the chances, right? 

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Of course, Reddish wasn’t a star for the New York Knicks or the Portland Trail Blazers either. It doesn’t look like he’s going to get there with the Lakers either.

Should the Hawks really bring him back?

Why the Atlanta Hawks agree to the terms 

The Hawks don’t do this deal for Reddish, though. He’s just there to make money. They might send him somewhere else. On the other hand, they might just put him at the bottom of their bench. Rui Hachimura is what this deal is all about for Atlanta. 

Is Hachimura going to be a star? It doesn’t look likely at this point. Still, he seemed like a good addition to the Lakers’ team in the playoffs this year. The Hawks, on the other hand, could use some extra wing strength. It might be good to have Hachimura on the team. 

That being said, this is mostly about making room for Onkongwu. He’s getting better, while Capela’s career is about to go downhill. Should the Lakers still get him? 

Why the LA Lakers Make The Deal 

It’s possible that Capela’s career is coming to an end. He’s still a useful player. Capela is a good rim defender and can make lobs for the offence. They should be better with him on the court. 

Does he work well with this team? We believe it. There are people who will wonder if putting Anthony Davis with a standard 5 is the right move. They forget things quickly. In 2019–20, Davis played with JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard to help the Lakers win the NBA title.

Capela is better than both of them. If they added him, Davis could go back to being a roamer and Capela would be the main rim guard. That should make it hard for teams to score against the Lakers; they will have a hard time finding chances to make points.