‘Neymar has no age’ – Paul Pogba’s super impressive hairstyles make Man United stars impossible to imitate

Pogba also always impresses and attracts the media with his hairstyles. And how Pogba will appear with his hair every time he plays is also a topic of discussion among fans

We can see in the collection of Pogba’s hairstyles below, it can be said that the former Manchester United star is the player with the most prominent and diverse hairstyles in football.

The man behind Pogba’s hairstyles is barber Ahmed Alsanawi. In addition to Pogba, Ahmed Alsanawi also styled the players Eden Hazard, Michy Batshuayi, Presnel Kimpembe …

When he first joined Manchester United, Paul Pogba kept his hair simple. He doesn’t do fɑncy hairstyles. Instead, he shortened the sides and made a pyramid on the top of his head.

In the round of 1/8 match, Paul Pogba appeared with curly hair, shaved on both sides. As usual, he accentuated his hair by coloring the top part of his hair. The player born in 1993 held the first half black. The rest, he dyed yellow with a bit of blue on the front body.

This dyeing style of Pogba has been seen before. However, he has divided the blue and yellow halves more clearly. The hairline is kept black.

Before that, the midfielder of “Red Devils” dyed the whole head with striking yellow, or dyed the first half when mixing black with orange yellow.

Pogba’s other notable hairstyle is side shaved and shaped. The guy always appears with “terrible” hair. The male player used to cut his hair according to the Batman logo, star, Pokemon or initials of his own name… In addition, he also made them stand out by dyeing them bright.

While playing in Italy for Juventus, most of Pogba’s hair was in a mohawk style. This style requires the experiencer to shave the sides of the head, leaving the top hair significantly longer. The French star creates accents by dyeing the middle part of her hair blonde.

Juventus star Paul Pogba unveils new LEOPARD haircut during Serie A clash  with Roma - Irish Mirror Online

But instead of shaving off the hair on both sides, Pogba left a little, enough to shape and color to his liking. This is considered the highlight of his hair. Leopard hair is one of the most impressive hairstyles of male players.

Before Euro 2016, Pogba bought a hairstyle with the words “POGBOOM”. This is his nickname, referring to his explosive and energetic play on the pitch.

A few weeks before appearing with the “Pogbooм” hairstyle, the French player had a zebra-patterned hairstyle. At this time, Juventus had just defeated Sampdoria with a score of 5-0.