Nightmare for Cristiano Ronaldo! He makes error to allow South Korea equalize

When Ricardo Horta scored in the fifth minute, Korea found it difficult to beat Portugal. This compelled the kimchi collective to gather troops in order to find an equalizer.

Crosses into the penalty area are the typical attacking style of Korea in this year’s tournament. Korea found what it needed in a corner kick. The ball was heading for the goal when it hit Cristiano Ronaldo from the Korean corner.

As a result, the ball ended up in the vicinity of Kim Young-Gwon. He easily shot the ball from close range to beat Diogo Costa by a single point.

The highlight of the situation is that Ronaldo allowed the ball to hit his back and then “created” for his opponent to score. As a result, a Sky Sports commentator said:

” Another assist from Ronaldo, but this time for Korea.” Kim Young-Gwon scored against Germany in 2018. Two pieces of good news for Koreans in a matter of minutes.”

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Ronaldo put in a lot of effort to score against Korea. CR7, on the other hand, has yet to discover the allure of scoring. The scorn heaped on Ronaldo was heightened by his unintentional contribution to resuming the match.

The defender swept the ball past Diogo Costa to keep his country in contention for a knockout spot.

But it’s Ronaldo’s involvement that has everyone saying the same thing: “Great assist.”

“What on earth was Ronaldo doing!” one person asked on Twitter.

“I’d never play Ronaldo again after that, absolutely pathetic defending,” said another.

“Class assist by CR7,” a third was added.

Ronaldo will be less eager to claim credit for South Korea’s goal than he was for Portugal’s opener against Uruguay.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner claimed to have touched the ball from Bruno Fernandes’ cross that ended up in the net.

However, closer inspection rev.ealed that Ronaldo had not touched the ball, and the goal was awarded to ex-Manchester United teammate Fernandes.

Ronaldo will also be hoping to attract new suitors by wearing his sho.oting boots.

After his expl.osive interview with Piers Morgan, he had his United contract ripped up on the eve of Portugal’s World Cup group opener.

Ronaldo targeted United as well as former and current players, including manager Erik ten Hag.