No longer like airplanes – Mbappe made his own supeг teггible car

As a player with a fast-paced style of play, Kylian Mbappe only owns MPVs and SUVs off the pitch.

Mbappe is famous for his fast-paced style of play and he is also among the top fastest players in the world. Contrary to the usual speed performances, Mbappe does not like cars that are too fast off the pitch. Photo: Twitter.

While seniors in the French team like Benzema, Giroud or Pogba all own expensive 2-seater supercars, the striker 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 in 1998 only believes in using “slower” multi-purpose cars. The engines of these models have a large capacity, but they are not made for speed. Prioritizing smoothness and comfort, these models often have less good acceleration than sports cars. Photo: Pinterest.

Liked the convenience, Mbappe has 2 MPVs, Volkswagen Multivan and Mercedes-Benz V-Class. Mbappe’s V-Class is a V 250 d version that costs more than $80,000. Powering the car is a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, producing 187 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque. Photo: The Sun.

Recently, Mbappe uses the Volkswagen Multivan quite often. Same MPV, but Volkswagen’s model is much cheaper than the V-Class, just over $30,000. Multivan uses a 2.0L turbodiesel engine, strong 195 horsepower. Photo: The Sun.

In addition to 2 MPVs, Mbappe also owns a Volkswagen Touareg SUV. This SUV was bought by the French striker while playing for Monaco. With a price of 102,000 USD, Touareg is the most expensive model in Mbappe’s   car fleet. After switching to PSG and receiving a salary of nearly 18 million USD/season, Mbappe continues to use this SUV. Photo: 90minute.

Mbappe, in contrast to a number of other players, has expressed a desire to ride in the passenger seat rather than behind the wheel. Even for the Touareg, the striker who was born in 1998 does not typically take the wheel when the team is driving. Image of: “The Sun.”

Messi: “Hopefully, this insanity will never come to an end.”

Lionel Messi, Argentina’s star striker, compared the sense of sublimation the team experienced in their most recent two friendlies to insanity and expressed a desire for that sensation to continue indefinitely with the national team.

The victory over Curacao, which Argentina won 7-0, and the previous friendly, which they won 2-0 against Panama, gives Argentina the chance to celebrate winning the World Cup in 2022 in front of their home fans. In the first game, Messi scored one goal in the victory over Pamana, and then in the second game, he scored three goals in the first half of the second game. The remaining four goals for Argentina in their match against Curacao were scored by Nicolas Gonzalez, Enzo Fernandez, Angel Di Maria, and Gonzalo Montiel, respectively.

After the friendly encounter that took place on the evening of March 28, Messi posted on his Instagram account, “This is a great way to end these days.” “Everyone in the Santiago del Estero stadium was blown away. I hope that we can continue to share moments like these with one another, and I hope that this insanity never stops.”

Messi has now scored 102 goals for the Argentina national team, a record that he set by scoring four goals in these two matches. The striker, who is 35 years old, is the first player to score at least 100 goals for the team that just won the world championship. Gabriel Batistuta has scored 56 goals, Sergio Aguero has scored 41 goals, Hernan Crespo has scored 35 goals, Diego Maradona has scored 34 goals, Gonzalo Higuain has scored 31 goals, and Angel Di Maria has scored 29 goals. These players are closely behind him in the goal-scoring standings.

Argentina has not won a world championship since 1982; the country won the World Cup in 2022. In 1978, the club with the blue and white stripes won the championship for the first time at their home stadium. In 1986, players from the Maradona generation were victorious at the FIFA Gold Cup, which was held in Mexico.

Having won the World Cup three times, Argentina is presently the fourth most successful team in the world, behind Brazil, which has won the competition five times, Italy, and Germany, each of which has won the tournament four times. While Spain and England only get together once, France and Uruguay get to play each other twice.


After claiming victory in the 14th Copa America in 1993, Argentina has not been victorious in the tournament since then until 2021. The sole event that brought an end to this time period was Messi and his teammates winning the Copa America in Brazil. They will extend their winning streak to 2022 by first winning the Intercontinental Super Cup and then going on to win the World Cup.

Messi was named the individual winner of both the Golden Ball and the Silver Shoe in the 2022 World Cup. Additionally, he was awarded the Golden Ball in the World Cup in 2014, the year that Argentina was defeated in the championship match by Germany 1-0. He was the only player to win this honor more than once, and he did it twice.