Not hotel, Ronaldo’s girlfriend reveɑled the strange ‘small yard’ where they often ‘have fun’

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez made netizens stir when rеvealing where the Portuguese superstar chose to play ‘small yard’ with her.

A series of interesting and sᴜrprising details about the private life of the famous couple Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez were rеvealed by this WAGs herself.

In the second season of the documentary ‘I am Georgina’ currently airing on the Netflix streaming platform. But the point that surprisеd and intrigued fans was the place where Georgina and the former MU star kicked ‘small yard’.

According to Georgina, once after getting a tattoo, she needed to avoid getting her arm wet. “I avoided swimming in the sea, but when I got home, Ronaldo told me to go to the spa,” Georgina began the story.

Ronaldo used to turn the spa into a bed

“I have a hard time holding my arms up in the spa so they don’t get wet. I’m sick of having to spread my arms like that. Plus, when I’m in the pool I can barely get up. I had to say, ‘I can’t stand it’.

At that time, it was only miserable for the guy Ronaldo who was in the middle of a battlе, but had to postpone the happiness.

Georgina Rodriguez with her children at the spa

The revelation about the unusual “matching” location of the couple Georgina and Ronaldo immediately caused a fever and caused the online community to talk about it. A fan humorously commented, Ronaldo turned out to take you to the spa not to be beautiful, but to have more important things to deal with in the same way and right there.

The female reporter has the same face as Ronaldo’s girlfriend

Spanish reporter Carmen Gil is likened to the ‘separated at birth’ twin sister of CR7’s girlfriend.

Georgina appeared on the Spanish show El Hormiguero to share about her career and life last week. A day later, a program called Más Vale Tarde attracted attention when it showed a picture of a beautiful woman with the same face as her girlfriend C. Ronaldo. The producer of Más Vale Tarde rеvealed, Georgina’s “copy” is a reporter.

Georgina (left) and ‘Carmen Gil clone in the same outfit and makeup. 

“We have a very important discovery,” MC Maria Lamela shared on the show. “We found a copy of Georgina Rodriguez but we didn’t even have to leave the newsroom because she was our colleague,” the person said. On the screen then project a photo of Georgina and the “copy” to compare the similarity.

“Her name is Carmen Gil, also an employee of Más Vale Tarde. We asked her to dress and make up like Georgina last night (on El Horminguero),” added the MC. The audience of the program also expressed surprisе, many people complimented the beautiful and impressive “copy” of Georgina.

“The only difference is that our girl goes to work by bus. The rest of the two are like two drops of water, as if they were separated from birth,” added MC Inaki Lopez.

Georgina Rodriguez on the show ‘El Horminguero’.

Georgina Rodriguez is the youngest of three sisters, including her biological sister Ivan and half-sister Patricia. Close to Ivan, but the girlfriend of the Portuguese superstar has never mentioned Patricia in front of the media. Early last year, Patricia and Georgina’s uncle accused her of “ignoring relatives” after becoming C. Ronaldo’s girlfriend.

Georgina and the striker born in 1985 started dating since 2016. Becoming the girlfriend of the famous superstar, the Spanish-Argentine beauty is likened to “real life Cinderella” when life completely changed.

Georgina Rodriguez changed her life after meeting Ronaldo

From an unknown salesperson, Georgina became a model and influencer with nearly 50 million followers on her personal page. The 29-year-old beauty and C. Ronaldo have two daughters alongside his three stepchildren. CR7 family has lived in Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the year after the striker left MU to play for Al Nassr.